Friday, 15 February 2019

My Favourite Things To Do In Liverpool

This year, we've decided that instead of having one big expensive main holiday for the year, we'd try to save a bit of money by opting for a few smaller, less expensive trips.

Our ultimate goal for the year was to head to Florida but our recent holiday to Disneyland Paris made us realise that the boys aren't the right ages for such a long distance holiday just yet and with things looking uncertain when it comes to European travel, we've decided to make the most of staying right here in the UK.

That way we don't need to worry about passports and flight issues, and we get to spend a fraction of the cost while getting to enjoy 2 or 3 mini-holidays instead of one long one.

And let's be honest, we really are spoiled for choice when it comes to locations in the UK!

There is so much of the UK that I've yet to experience - I have never visited Ireland or Scotland at all, and would really love to but we've decided to set our sights on a couple of trips to places in the North of England this year - namely the Lake District and Blackpool.

And part of our reason for that was that it means we can break our trips up with a visit to see my family in Liverpool at the same time.

I know I'm biased being a Liverpudlian born & bred, but I adore my home city and I want my boys to grow up with it feeling like a second home to them too.

There is never any shortage of things to do in Liverpool - the nightlife is amazing, the city boasts some of the best restaurants going, and as a shopping destination it's pretty fantastic too. And then there's the culture - with several museums and art galleries, there is lots to learn on a trip to Liverpool too.

I thought that today I'd break down my top 5 Must-Do's for a trip to Liverpool.

1) Baltic Market

The Baltic Market is currently Liverpool's most on trend dining venue - a collection of pop-up shops that change on a regular basis offering some of the most Instagrammable and indulgent foods you can imagine all from the comfort of a shabby chic warehouse, it really is a Hipster dream!

With offerings such as cookie fries with biscoff dipping sauce, unicorn bubble waffles and the worlds most AMAZING halloumi fries - you cannot come to Liverpool without popping in for a visit to the Baltic Market!

2) Liverpool One

One of my favourite places to visit back home is without a doubt Liverpool One - a vibrant and stylish shopping centre in the heart of the city, filled with some of the best stores and restaurants the city has to offer.

A visit home is never complete for us without a day spent visiting the likes of the Disney store, the Lego shop, and having a browse around the Liverpool FC store of course as well as checking out whats on offer in New Look, Hollister & all of our favourites - you can find a shop to suit all tastes and budgets at Liverpool One!

We always make sure we grab a bite there too as there is such a huge range of places to choose from - from dine in restaurants to fast food like Five Guys, it's the perfect destination for a full days entertainment.

3) The Beatles Story & Magical Mystery Tour

No visit to Liverpool would be complete without dedicating some time to learn all about Liverpools most beloved and famous sons - John, Paul, George & Ringo.

The Magical Mystery Tour bus will take you all around the famous sights that inspired many of the songs that the world has come to love including Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields & the childhood homes of the lads themselves as well as the infamous Cavern Club!

There's also The Beatles Story museum at the Albert Dock which is well worth a visit for any Beatles fan too.

4) Albert Dock

One of my favourite places to visit as a child in the 80s back when it was home to This Morning and the floating map, the Albert Dock is home to a fantastic range of top bars such as Circo, amazing eateries (the Pirate themed Smugglers Cove being a favourite with my 3 boys!), fantastic tourist shops and some of the best museums as well as the Tate Liverpool - it's a day out not to be missed! Rounded off, of course, with a bag of chips as you watch the mersey ferry sail on by.

5) Sapporo Teppanyaki

And my final mention goes to my all-time favourite restaurant. The Sapporo Teppanyaki is a Japanese restaurant that not only offers THE most mouth watering food I have ever tasted, but its also a fantastic evening out as the chefs prepare your meals right at your table with flair and plenty of fun along the way.
We often visit here for New Years Eve, and it's the perfect place for that or any other celebration - not to be missed!

Wherever you end up on a trip to Liverpool, you're bound to be in for a good time. I know I'm biased, but it really is a city like no other.

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