Thursday, 2 May 2019

Noah's Rainbow Themed Bedroom

You may recall that a little while back, I mentioned our plans to have a bit of a re-jig of the bedroom situation at home.

The story is basically this - we have three children and three bedrooms, one of which is currently serving as both our bedroom AND my workspace.

Which means that some of the boys need to share a room.

Up until now, we have had our eldest two boys Tyne & Noah sharing whilst our youngest, Sailor, had his own room.

This made sense because when Sailor was a baby, he slept well and in complete darkness. Keeping him on his own made sense because the bigger two liked to have a nightlight on, and weren't very good sleepers...often needing us to spend hours with them trying to get them down for the night.

However, just before Christmas, Sailor suddenly decided that he was terrified of the dark and that he hated being on his own in his bedroom - so every night he brought himself through to sleep n a cozy linen sheet in his brothers bed And eventually, we just sort of gave in and went along with it because it was easier than trying to force him back into a room he didn't want to be in every night!

But, after about 4 months of this, it's became clear that it wasn't going to work long term. Three children under the age of 6 in one bedroom seemed to cause chaos - they were all in and out of their beds constantly, getting toys out, winding each other up and just generally NOT SLEEPING.

And so, we decided that we'd remove the main troublemaker - Noah!

Noah is the one who comes up with all of the devious plans and naughty ideas, and eggs the other two on to join him - I'm quietly confident that Tyne & Sailor alone will get on just fine.

So Noah needed his own bedroom! But rather than make it some sort of punishment, we wanted to make it a good thing - a treat for him. His own space! Somewhere that we could decorate however he wanted.

The added bonus to this is that Noah has very different tastes to his brothers - whereas they are both quite stereotypically "boyish" and into pirates and soldiers, Noah prefers bright colours and things like fairies, unicorns and princesses.

So having him in his own space means he can fully embrace all of this without his brothers having a moan about it!

For a while we thought Noah was going to choose a Princess theme for his bedroom, but much to my surprise - he changed his mind at the last minute and requested his very own "rainbow room"!

Well I won't lie...I was delighted! Rainbows are my thing, and so the chance to decorate a bedroom in a rainbow theme was right up my street!

I've been collecting rainbow themed bits and bobs for the last few months, and finally this week we've had chance to get it all put together and ready for him.

So here is a little look at it.

I am absolutely thrilled with how it's turned out, and I have to say - I wish I could have this room for myself!

Considering its a tiny box room, I'm quite pleased with what we've managed to fit in and I think it's a lovely little space for him.

His rainbow wall sticker was an eBay purchase, and I think it adds such a lovely personal touch to his room.

We painted his walls back to a nice bright white, and I added some individual rainbow stickers (again, from eBay) here and there - I love these wall stickers as they allow you to really theme the look of a room but they're so easy to change when you get tired of them. They're ideal for renters like us too who can't make huge changes.

We kept his original bed as there was nothing wrong with it and just sorted a new bed for Sailor instead (which I'll share in another post), which meant that all we had to do was get some new mattresses from BedGuru.

I got his rainbow bedding set and the rainbow fitted sheet from Next, and picked up some nice pillows made of latex and cushions to decorate his bed too.The rainbow cushion was from HomeBargains for £4.99 and the heart shaped one was in the Asda sale for £3! The big blue cushion was one we'd had for a few years but it goes nicely with the theme.

I also picked up this lovely super soft rainbow fleece blanket for £3 in the Asda home sale too.

The rainbow fairy lights on his bed were another HomeBargains find, and are really sweet - I'm thinking of picking up another set to put somewhere else in the room too as they're so lovely and they only cost a couple of pounds.

The rainbow shelf was also from Next, and it's one of my favourite things in the bedroom - it's home to his Christening gifts for now, but I think we'll add a nice little rainbow money box when I manage to find one too.

I got the rainbow rug as a last minute purchase from Sass & Belle, and I'm really pleased I went for it as I think it brightens up the otherwise unsightly carpet - rented house problems!

I picked up some cute bookends from Sass & Belle too.

The little Rainbow suitcases were also from Sass & Belle, and I just thought they were so adorable - they'll be ideal for keeping all his tiny princess dolls in along with his dolly dresses.

The chest of drawers was one we already had, but to make it fit with the rainbow theme a little more we painted the knobs in bright primary colours - I think it really helps it to blend in more with the look of the room.

The curtains and lightshade were both from Next, but as you can see - we've had a bit of a disaster with the curtains as they're a bit too short! I've ordered a replacement set so just kept these up for the photos.

I've ordered a crystal rainbowmaker for his window in the hopes that it will make some real "rainbows" form in his bedroom as I know he'd love that, and we're thinking of buying one of the Rainbow projector lamps too.

As Noah is such a big fan of playing dress up, I wanted to add a little dressing area for him in his room - so I got this mirror from The Range which we painted pink, and we added these cute hooks from Sass & Belle for him to store some of his Princess dresses on. He'll love trying them on and watching himself twirl about in his mirror!

And the finishing touches were the wall art which we got from Desenio - I absolutely love the rainbow print!

So there we have it - a lovely bright Rainbow themed bedroom, I hope he loves it as much as I do!

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