Friday, 22 February 2019

What Do Mums REALLY Want For Mothers Day?

Mothers Day is just around the corner, and - just like every year - my other half has started to ask that old familiar question.

"What would you like for Mother's Day this year?"

My answers are always the same, because to be honest it's not something I ever really put much thought in to.

We don't have much disposable income and I'm the breadwinner in the family which makes me reluctant to want too much spent on treats for me that I don't really need - I'd rather the money was saved for holidays, bigger items we need for the house, or put toward Christmas or just put away for a rainy day because I know the pressure I'm under financially!

But of course, Mothers Day isn't just about the gifts and it also isn't just about the mother - it's about the family too, and I remember so clearly the feeling of wanting to do something special to make your Mum smile on Mothers Day and to know she's appreciated.

There's one Mothers Day in particular from my own childhood that stands out in my mind - I must have been around 10 or 11 years old, it was when I'd just started to be given regular weekly pocket money.

I got £5 each from my parents at the weekend, and I remember feeling SO excited at the prospect of having my own money for the first time.

That weekend my Dad took my sister and I for a day out, and we visited a local garden centre. Mothers Day was a few months away, but I knew it was coming up - and the garden centre was full of such lovely trinkets and treasures that I knew my mum would love, so I decided I was going to buy something for her with my pocket money. Something of my own choice, something special.

I remember browsing every shelf, looking at everything in great detail - looking for that perfect gift.

And then I saw the prettiest photo frame. It was a beautiful oval frame, just big enough for our mantle, it had an old fashioned teddy bear on the side and was made to look as though it was covered with old fashioned lace.

It was so ornate and beautiful. And even though it didn't quite match our living room decor, I decided to buy it anyway.

I proudly handed over my pocket money at the till, refusing my Dads offer to pay for it instead - I wanted it to be bought with my own money.  And I took it home, and hid it under my bed for safe keeping.

I was so proud of my purchase, and I hoped that my Mum would love it too.

Looking back on it, that photo frame really wasn't to her taste at all - it was very much something that appealed to a child, and not something a grown woman would likely have chosen for herself. It didn't match our decor at all.

But it's still sitting proudly in its place on our mantle.

Because my Mum knew it had been bought with love, and that was what mattered - not the item at all.

And so, as lovely as big gestures are and as much as I'm sure they're appreciated by the mums on the receiving end of the huge bouquets of flowers, the new mum jewellery gifts, and the expensive spa days...I think the best Mothers Day gift of all is one that truly comes from the heart of your child.

Whether it's something that they have taken the time to create, or something they've chosen - the only gifts I want for Mothers Day are whatever my children would like to give to me.

Having said that, I have to admit - something super practical like a Carpet Cleaning Service would go down a treat - a gift that saves me a job and leaves me with a clean home is always going to be a big hit with me!

Admittedly, given their current ages, I'm quite likely to end up with a hand drawn picture of poo or a squishy - but I'll take the chance!

With Mother's Day in mind, I decided to ask some fellow bloggers what they REALLY want this are some of their answers:

" What I would love for Mothers Day is breakfast in bed and a hand made card" - Life As Mrs B 

"I would love a day where I don't need to make decisions, where someone else takes us out, plans the meals and plans the day so that I can just enjoy the day with my family with no organising" - Wandering Pram

"I would love the cute little things like a Best Mum mug, handmade card and a pasta necklace. They're the things that melt my heart! From my hubby it would be a tattoo of the kids birth dates ... I hope he's reading this!" - Mother Of All That Is Perry

"A hand made card, a big cuddle....and a child free spa day!" - Exploring Exeter

"I would love a fun family day out organised by my partner. And a full nights sleep but that may be asking too much!" - Writing With Pryde

"Something small, personal and useful. I want something I can see everyday, but I hate tat and clutter. I'd like something like a mug that my daughter has made or a notebook with her photo on" - Super Mum Society

"I'd just like to go for a swim on my own. Just half an hour to pootle up and down the lanes in peace" - Mrs Helicopter Writes

"I would love to go to the Lush spa! But failing that, just a proper day off where I don't have to think about all of the usual mental load would be amazing" - Raucous By Nature

"I would like to have a nice long lunch with my friends, but then lots of baby cuddles afterwards. The best of both worlds!" - Mamagination

"I would love a lie in, then to be taken to brunch by my husband and children, followed by a nice adventure walk and a movie night and takeaway with the family. No chores, no cleaning...just pure family time!" - MumForce

"I would like to go a day without the little one shouting MUMMY constantly!" - Cups Of Charlotte

"The Finale FairyLoot Box and someone to clean the house for me!" - A Mummy's Tale

"A day out with my family away from normal life. Beach walk, chips and a pint!" - Kelly Allen Writer

"I just want to spend time with my children and husband, go out for the day and just have fun. And then have a nice home cooked meal that the children have helped to make" - Peanut & Sprout

"I'd just like to spend time together. My mum lost my Dad and just feels lonely at times, and I know she'd rather have our company than presents. I would like a new phone though as mine is on its way out!" - A Guiding Mother

So how about you?

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