Friday, 1 March 2019

Solving Our Seating Problem With Bean Bag Bazaar

You may remember that toward the end of last year, we finally - after moving in almost 4 years ago - got around to giving our living room a bit of a spruce up.

It's something I'd wanted to do for a long time, but finances just didn't allow it and as private renters we also find it hard to freshen up the decor in the house as we're so limited with the sorts of changes we're allowed to make.

But with a fresh lick of paint, a new sofa and some new accent pieces to set the colour palette it all felt like a brand new room and it really has made such a positive difference to my mental health since.

It may sound silly - something as superficial as the look of a living room having such a positive impact - but there is something quite depressing about living in a home that you pay a lot of money for, which doesn't feel at all like your own space. That isn't decorated in a way you'd choose, that doesn't reflect your personality. And although I appreciate that in the circumstances we're in right now in this country, it's truly a luxury to have a roof over our heads at all and I certainly don't mean to complain about that - I do feel that the chance to finally be able to have a room in our home that looks the way we want it to has been really good for me.

The living room now feels like a place that I enjoy spending time, the colours are calming and the layout works so much better for us as a family.

The one downside has been that unfortunately, our sofa is too small for our family and over the last few months it has caused quite a few arguments between the boys! One of our favourite things to do as a family is have movie nights together, and since we got this sofa - there are always arguments about who gets to sit on it!

We've toyed with the idea of getting a bigger sofa but A) we won't be able to afford that for a LONG time, and B) I do love the sofa we have - it's gorgeous to look at even if its not the right size.

So when Beanbag Bazaar got in touch to ask if we'd like to review one of their bean bags, I decided to go for it as it seemed like it could be the perfect solution to our seating problem!

We chose the Icon Hacienda Faux Fur XL bean bag in rose dust pink - the colour matches perfectly with the accents in our living room, and I thought it would brighten the room up a bit rather than adding in any more grey.

The bean bag arrived within a couple of days of the order being placed, and was packaged perfectly - it was ready to use straight out of the box.

I think it looks great in the living room, and it certainly solves the problem of an extra seat in the room without going to tons of expense - it's also ideal for the children to sit on too, infact it's such a decent size that two of them can sit on it together.

The faux fur is beautifully soft, and I love the fact that its double-zipped so that my little trouble makers have far less chance of being able to empty it out all over the floor!

I've tried it out myself and it is very comfortable - it's size means that it allows you to sit in it in such a way that it creates a back support, and moulds around you almost hugging you into it.

It's not only added a lovely splash of colour to our living room, but it's added some much needed cosiness too.

But did it solve the problem of the boys arguing over who gets to sit on the sofa?

Well...unfortunately not. Now they just argue over who gets to sit on the bean bag instead! Whoops!!!

If you're looking for a bean bag to add to your home, I highly recommend Bean Bag Bazaar - they have a fantastic range of all sorts of bean bags as well as cushions, throws and other soft furnishings, and their service has been fantastic.

To find out more, visit

*We were gifted a bean bag in return for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own

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