Friday, 26 April 2019

4 Reasons To Consider A Cruise For Your Family Holiday

Whenever I mention that cruises are one of my favourite things in life, I'm often met by puzzled looks.

"But aren't cruises for old people?!" or "Oh I could never spend that long on a boat, I'd get bored!" are the two most common reactions from people - which proves to me that cruises are still very misunderstood by the average person.

In my opinion, cruising is one of the best ways to travel with a young family - if you're unsure about whether a cruise holiday is right for you, allow me to try to change your mind with my list of reasons to think again!

1) Cruises take the stress out of traveling

Travelling with young children can be a bit of headache. Time spent waiting around airports, worrying about keeping them quiet on long flights, worrying about car seats in taxis, the drama of travel disruption and delays - all potential stress that can really spoil a holiday.

But with cruising - you can side step all of these by simply booking a no fly cruise from the UK. We've done this a few times now, and it always makes the holiday so easy and convenient.

You drive to the boarding port (usually Southampton), board your ship (A process which is much quicker and more efficient than boarding a flight!) and that's it - you're on holiday!!

As you're wined, dined and entertained throughout the duration of the trip it really does feel like the destinations are coming to you as you wake up each morning to explore your new port of call.

Last year we managed to visit Rome, Florence, Pisa, Spain, Portugal, France and Tenerife with two small children without setting foot in an airport - it was bliss!

2) There is something for everyone!

The assumption that cruises are just weeks spent on boats catered toward the elderly is way out of date. Cruise liners these days are more like floating resorts than anything resembling a boat, and they really do have so much on board to keep you entertained!

Our cruise line of choice is Royal Caribbean and let me tell you - you would be hard pushed to be bored on one of their incredible ships! They have numerous pools and whirlpools, spas, pubs and bars, restaurants, a casino, broadway style shows, parties and parades,  shops, sports activities, amazing waterslides, and so much more to occupy you while you travel.

We've spent two weeks on board and still not managed to fit in everything there is to do on board - and there is something to suit every taste too, from the very young to the elderly. It's the perfect solution for a multi-generational family trip.

3) No luggage restrictions!

This is always a big draw for me when it comes to traveling as a family  - with three young children in tow it often feels like we need to take everything but the kitchen sink with us, so adhering to strict airline luggage restrictions can be a real pain.

One of the many beauties of a cruise is that there is no luggage restriction - you can pretty much bring as much as you like! This is also great for holidays where you want to do a lot of shopping, too!

4) It can be very cost effective

There's a common misconception that cruises have to be very expensive but this isn't always true. In actual fact, many cruise lines offer some great deals for families - P & O Cruises regularly run their Kids Cruise for £1 promotions which make their cruises a real bargain! Additionally, getting into online poker games can be more convenient too — you still get to play the way players play at a poker site no matter where you are on the cruise.

And the great thing about a cruise is that it's all inclusive - the plentiful food on board is included in the price of your holiday, and you can often book during Free Drinks Package promotions too - meaning once your holiday is paid for, you don't need to pay a penny once you're on board!

Have you ever considered a cruise holiday for your family? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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