Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Creating a Kitchen Fit to Bake In

When The Great British Bake Off first came out, a lot of people were undoubtedly a bit suspicious. It seemed like a step too far in terms of reality television; who was going to enjoy a show about random people baking? As it turns out, the answer was pretty much everyone.

Thanks to the success of GBBO and related offshoots, baking is most definitely en vogue again, and more of us than ever are looking to put on our pinnies and whip up a show-stopping cake.
To bake well, however, you need the right kitchen, in everything from your oven to a good rolling pin.

Make the Most of Your Space

Every kitchen’s different, but it’s important you make the most of what you have in terms of space and storage.
Open shelving is a great way to store all the bulkier baking items, plus a well-done shelving display can really add to the look of your kitchen. Clear, open surfaces for your preparation are essential, as well as a practical kitchen top layout.
Good baking also requires good lighting, and a good natural light source will make your kitchen a nicer place to be whilst helping your icing skills. Try some roman blinds that can let as much light in as you need as well as keeping things under control if it ever gets too bright.

Get the Right Gear

Once you’ve got the right space, you need to fill it with the right equipment to achieve your baking goals.
You GBBO fans out there will know the importance of a double oven for stress-free multi-tasking. It does depend if you have the space, but the double oven represents the jewel of a baker’s kitchen, and one might not cost as much as you think.
Your kitchen tops need to suit a baking environment, so think of selecting materials that are smooth and easy to clean like marble. After that, there’s plenty of bits and bobs you could do with picking up, so make a list of everything you need and enjoy a bit of retail therapy.

Find Your Inspiration

The kitchen’s looking good, you’ve got all the right gear. The final thing you need to do is fill your new baking haven with ideas to keep you going.
A good selection of cookbooks set in a nice mini-bookcase, or maybe again on the open shelves, should be a staple in any baker’s kitchen. No doubt you’ll want the latest reading material from Nigella and Mary Berry, but the key is covering a range of baking styles across different levels of difficulty so you can improve as a baker.

Remember to start off with some bakes that are within your skill range and build to bigger and better things. After all, there’s no point trying a melting chocolate ball bonanza if you haven’t nailed a basic sponge. Baking in your kitchen should be a fun experience, so making sure you’ve created the right environment will be key to your enjoyment.

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