Monday, 15 April 2019

Dressing Jon Challenge - #60ForSpring

With Spring here and lighter nights, we've been planning some family evenings out. Nothing crazy but possibly a few open air cinema evenings or dining al fresco.

Now whilst my wardrobe and that of the kids does have some suitable items, Jon's was sadly in need of some TLC. He might be getting on a bit but he still likes to look good when we go out, either as a couple or as a family.

It was at this time we were given a £60 challenge by The challenge was to see if we could give Jon a new look from their site for £60. Challenge accepted!

Now Jon can be a bit of a traditionalist, but still likes quality clothing. Smart but casual and comfortable.

Having checked out the website, there were loads of things I knew he would have loved. 
Some beautiful coats and shoes, waistcoats and blazers. Quite frankly I can see him heading over to the website should he need any other new clothes!

I know what Jon Likes so a cool smart shirt for warm Spring/Summer evenings was a must.

With this in mind my first choice was the Short Sleeve Print shirt in Navy. Cool enough for warm evenings and smart enough for nights out. I love the pattern on this and it's smart but not too serious design.

My second choice (and it was very tough to choose) were some jeans. I thought he'd like something other than traditional Denim or canvas so I opted for Moleskin in a Mushroom colour. Very country set, and extremely comfortable. Not to mention versatile enough to go with lots of clothing options.

I'd bitten in to the budget, but there were still a lot of very affordable options available, but what to choose?

Eventually after a lot of tough decisions, I got him the Long Sleeve weekend shirt in Red-Blue check. Again something I knew he'd love and enjoy wearing. Men can sometimes be very hard to buy for clothing wise but there was such a wide variety of choice anyone would be hard pressed not to find something for a present for any man in their life.

So that was it, Jon with some fantastic new wardrobe options for a total of  £60! The only thing remaining was to see what he thought of my choices when the goods arrived.

When they did arrive, Jon was blown away. He was very impressed with both the packaging and high quality of the items.

As for the actual clothes, he loves them, and will be heading over to purchase more wardrobe treats in time for our next holiday!

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