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How to spot illegal number plates

If you’ve bought a private number plate that you believe may be illegal then you must take action immediately. There are several tell-tale signs of an illegal number plate, from the font, to the colours used and whether or not any symbols have been placed on it. If you do have an illegal number place, you could face a fine of up to £1000 and your vehicle will automatically fail its MOT. So, it’s worth checking if you have any doubts.

We’ve compiled a list of the main features of an illegal number plate, so you are able to spot whether you have one, or when it comes to buying a private number plate, you know what to look out for and avoid.

Character size and spacing

All British number plates have specific requirements when it comes to the size and spacing of the characters. Each of the characters must be the same size, with the exception of 1 and I. The characters must be 50mm wide and 79mm tall, plus the stroke size must be 14mm. In terms of the spacing of the characters, it all has to be uniform. In-between the characters, there must be a 11mm gap and a 11mm margin around the outside of the number plate. The gap in the middle of the plate has to be 33mm wide.

Number plate design

The number plate must contain black characters with a white background on the front plate and a yellow background on the rear, this is so the number plate is clear to read. You are able to add a variety of different borders to the plate, however, the only symbol that is allowed is a flag. Any other emblems such as football badges or private logos are not allowed. In addition to this, the only font style allowed is the standard Charles Wright font and the 3D effect version.

No British Standard Mark, name or postcode

When a number plate has been made to the DVLA standards it must have specific information at the bottom to prove that it is legal. This includes the name, trade mark and any other means of identification of the manufacturer. The plate must also include the name and postcode of the outlet that has supplied the number plate, as well as the British Standard Mark. If the number plate does not have this information then it is deemed illegal.

Material of the number plate

When it comes to creating a number plate, they can only be made using a form of acrylic that is naturally reflective. However, this excludes classic cars that can have aluminium pressed plates to suit their vintage look. As well as this, the number plate has to pass a ‘bend test’, meaning that if you bend it the plate will spring back into its original shape. If either or both of these qualities are not met, then the number plate is illegal.

When it comes to buying a private number plate, it can be a great way to customise your vehicle, however you have to be extra careful when buying your plate from a seller that it is not illegal. are a trusted UK website that buy and sell private number plates. When buying from the site, you can be sure that all of the number plates sold have been reviewed and would be deemed legal by the DVLA. Otherwise, if you fail to purchase a legal number plate, you could face a large fine and your car will automatically fail the MOT test.

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