Tuesday, 2 April 2019

How To Teach Your Boys About A Healthy Relationship

With all the publicity surrounding the Me Too movement many parents of young boys are wondering whether they have done enough to emphasize the importance of respecting the opposite sex. It can be difficult to talk to them about what is, and what isn’t, appropriate behavior. It amazes many that a majority of boys don’t even realize that the behaviors they exhibit are unacceptable. As the parent, it’s your job to discuss with your child what healthy relationships are.

Mutual respect is the cornerstone of healthy relationships. This is more than just a matter of teaching boys to respect their female peers. Respecting women includes respecting mothers, grandmothers, teachers, and the clerk behind the checkout counter. Please and thank you are some of the first words you should teach your child to say. Helping someone in need is also a trait that can be encouraged at a very young age. It promotes empathy and compassion and channels the natural inclination of boys to be proactive.

It can be difficult for both young boys and girls to maintain a health balance in their relationships with one another. Becoming obsessive and clingy is a sign of immaturity. As the parent you have the job of monitoring budding relationships to make sure there is enough time spent apart that school and after school activities don’t suffer because of the intensity of this new experience.

Not only do young boys and girls have to be able to communicate honestly and effectively with one another, they also have to maintain communication with parents, teachers, and other responsible adults with whom they have close relationships. You have to make sure your son understands that you are ready to listen without judgement and answer any questions he may have.

You also have to have frank discussions with your son about sexuality and respecting the rights of the other individual when it comes to intimacy. You should discuss how difficult it may be to back off when a girl decides to call a halt to a sexual encounter. You can empathize with how it seems unfair and capricious on the part of the girl while emphasizing how important it is to respect that decision. Young boys don’t always have the best judgement when they are placed in these situations. You must discuss how ignoring a decision defines abuse and what the consequences can be.

Most of all you need to talk to your teenager about the ramifications of starting an intimate relationship. The chances that your child will refrain from such a relationship until he has reached the age of 21 are fairly remote. According to an 
NBC news report, most boys lose their virginity before 17 and girls slightly after that. You need to be very realistic about the decisions your youngster is going to make. Arming him with all the available information, including protection and sexually transmitted diseases, is your responsibility as a loving and concerned parent.

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