Thursday, 25 April 2019

Moving to Cardiff: Is this a Suitable Area to Raise Children In?

Cardiff is a fantastic place to live for value for money and life quality. It is the capital of Wales and is the UK’s eleventh largest city. From the waterfront to the buzzing city centre, you will never run out of things to do in this city. If you are planning on moving to Cardiff and you have children or you are thinking about starting a family, you may be wondering whether or not this city is a suitable place to raise your family. Here are some reasons why Cardiff is a suitable place to raise your children.


Cardiff University is a highly respected university. Living near your kid’s university means they can live at home while they study, which will save them a lot of money. If they want a taste of independence, then there’s a great selection of high-quality student accommodation in Cardiff with some great amenities, such as The Neighbourhood Cardiff which comes with a gym, weekly room cleaning (so you don’t have to go there and do it for them!) and a roof terrace. If your children want a change in scenery once they are ready to go to university, Bristol and Swansea are close, also highly regarded, and are easily accessible.

Value for Money

Due to the affordable cost of living in Cardiff, it is a lot easier to live in this capital city on a low salary compared to living somewhere like London. Plus, being a city means there are some great jobs available and transport links. Children can be expensive, so being able to save money on housing and transport whilst living close or in a city and earning a decent wage is very beneficial. The weekly household spend in Cardiff is lower compared to the average UK spend. People in Cardiff also have more disposable income compared to people in the UK.

Quality of Life

With so much to do in Cardiff, you will have plenty of activities to keep your children busy. There are many events held there, including circus shows, concerts, and musicals, plus many castles to learn about the history of the area. Cardiff also provides a great environment for kids once they grow up, with a buzzing nightlife and plenty of shops to visit, your kids will never have to worry about being bored, no matter their age. With large open spaces, beaches, and plenty of green areas, there are many places you can take your children away from the hustling life in the city to let off steam.

Popular Destinations Nearby

Swansea and Bristol are easy to get to from Cardiff. They have great transport links via the train or coaches. Bristol is a city in the southwest and is full of maritime history. Bristol is great for nightlife, shopping, and restaurants. There is also a range of events held in Bristol that can be enjoyed by families of all ages. Swansea is located on the west coast of Wales and has a lot of historical artefacts for your kids to learn about. There is also a beach here and boats to view and ride, which can be found in the Swansea Marina.

As you can see, Cardiff is an ideal city to raise your children in. It is cheap, fun, close to other cities, and has a great education system. With so many positives, there is no reason for you not to make the big move.

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