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6 Grocery Hacks That Will Save Tons of Money

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by PSECU, a Pennsylvania-based credit union.

Does it seem like every trip to the grocery costs more each week? The price of certain foods continues to rise, and events on the international stage threaten to further increase costs. How can people eat well without draining their bank accounts too much?
With a bit of creativity, saving money at the checkout is possible. Don't worry — cutting grocery costs need not mean subsisting on ramen like an undergrad. These hacks will slash the amount spent on keeping well-fed.

1. Shop the Pantry First

Going shopping without a list is a recipe for disaster. How many times do people go to the store, only to arrive back home to realize they forgot important items? Not only does this create the need for another store run and raise the risk of making additional impulse purchases, but it also eats up gas.
Before heading to the store, take inventory of what already fills the fridge and cupboard. Many people have items sitting unused for months. Get creative and see what simple ingredients can put these neglected items to use.

2. Learn About Seasonal Ingredients

Summer is on the way, and that means tons of fruits and veggies are coming into season. Shop local farmers markets and try going toward the end of the day when those peddling their wares offer bargains versus carting leftovers home. Groceries likewise lower prices when they have a glut of certain products, so check circulars carefully before heading out.

3. Double Down on Coupons

Coupon queens may know this already, but for the uninformed, different kinds exist. Store coupons only cover items at one particular store, while manufacturer coupons provide discounts on specific products. Many grocers will allow customers to apply both types at the register, so double the savings by combining them whenever possible.

4. Buy Some Sale Items in Bulk

Most people have heard the advice to buy sale items in bulk. However, what would anyone who rarely consumes dairy products achieve by stocking up on two-for-one cartons of milk if they sour before being used?
Do buy in bulk, but be selective when doing so. Purchasing something for no other reason than it's on sale can result in the items rotting away in the fridge. Stock up only on reliable favorites the family loves.

5. Shop the Ethnic Aisle

Walk down the spice aisle filled with varieties in decorated bottles and note the prices. Then, take a stroll down the Mexican food aisle and compare prices on bulk herbs. Why pay triple or more for the same thing?
Looking to buy some rice? Cruise over to the Asian aisle. Bargains on types like jasmine and basmati abound.

6. Use That Cellphone Calculator

Remember when math teachers used to lecture we wouldn't have a calculator handy always? Given the advent of cellphones, most people now do. Whip out the handy Android or iPhone and do a few calculations when shopping.
One package of pasta may cost $1.75 and another $2.50, but if the latter contains 16 ounces and the former 8 ounces, the second one is the better bargain. Taking the time to do the calculations can save considerable dough.

Eat Well, Save Money

Saving money on groceries doesn't need to mean subsisting on cheap frozen meals from the dollar store. By shopping smart, consumers can conserve their pennies while eating well.
To learn how much you can save just by shopping for groceries instead of, say, dining out, check out PSECU’s helpful graphic!

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