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Four Key Things to Bring on an Adventure Holiday with the Kids

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Ah, the great outdoors. As far as the little ones are concerned, whether it’s a splash around in some puddles or a full-blown camping trip, getting outside means adventure and excitement. Indeed, such enthusiasm may well have inspired you to book you and the family on an adventure holiday.
The good news? You’re set to have a lot of fun. The bad? You’ve got plenty of packing to do! Here are the essentials you should be taking.

Clothing for all Occasions

An adventure holiday dictates two very different wardrobes. One is for the daytime rigours of outdoor activities, like a hunting jacket, while the other is for the more traditional holiday themes of going out to eat or relaxing back at base.
For the day time, get the basics right. You need a good jacket, sturdy trousers and some decent waterproofs. Several changes of clothes are needed for all parties, as well as gloves, woolly hats and scarves. Don’t be afraid to go overboard on the packing. After all; it’s always better to have too much than too little.
As for the evening, while your adventure holiday might not be the most glamourous of trips away, you’ll still want to look and feel good. Taking practical but stylish clothing, like a pair or two of comfortable trousers from Damart, will be a good halfway house for an outdoors focused holiday.

The Right Footwear

Don’t be that family who go out on a hike in trainers. Finding the right footwear for your trip is essential for both practical and safety reasons. This is most important for your kids, who need the right clothing and boots to protect them from the elements (and who are most likely to think that they can get away with trainers!).
Do your research on the place you’re visiting and the activities you’ll be doing. Will you need hiking boots or just some old trainers that are OK to get ruined? Perhaps you need both? Whatever you do, just make sure you’re prepared; not having the right protection for your feet can ruin the fun.

The Right Equipment for the Job

Planning on doing some seriously adventurous adventuring? If you have a long hike or a few nights camping in mind, make sure you have tools to keep you going. Torches, maps and a first aid kit are a few must haves that should make their way into the car. Practical toiletries, like small, travel-handy disposables are perfect for these sorts of trips.
Again, it depends on the type of trip you’re going on. Regardless, lean towards over-prepared rather than under-prepared.
Treats & Snacks

Finally, there are bound to be points during an adventure holiday where the wet and windy, fun-in-the-mud style gets a bit too much for the kids, maybe even for you. Perhaps the walk has gone on a little too long or it’s a particularly rough day for weather. When you’re out and about exercising, getting hungry and thirsty is bound to play a part in raising stress levels.
Being equipped with food and drink, more specifically a few tasty snacks, is key to keeping morale high when times get a little tough. A little break for a bit of chocolate and a nice drink will not only offer an energy boost but will also cheer everyone up. Not to mention, it’s a great excuse for you to enjoy a few unhealthy treats!

Although it might be a bit more work than packing for your average holiday, getting the suitcase right for your adventure holiday will be key to you and the family having a great time. Be prepared for the elements, and you’re bound to make some awesome memories with your loved ones.

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