Friday, 24 May 2019

How To Make Your Home More Accessible For Those With Limited Mobility

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How accessible is your home right now for those with reduced mobility?

It's not something that most of us give much thought to until the time comes that we find our own mobility, or that of someone who lives with us, reduced but making your home more accessible could be of great benefit to friends or relatives (or those who may come in to your life in the future) who use wheelchairs or are otherwise mobility-impaired. Given that the government statistics show that there are over 11 million people in the UK living with a life limiting illness or physical impairment, it stands to reason that you may well know somebody who falls in to this category.

So how can you make your home more accessible?

The first thing that most people would think of when it comes to accessibility would be steps and stairs, but while installing stairlifts can make life easier for people  - there are also many more things you can do around the home too.

In The Kitchen

*Ensure that heavy pots and pans are kept on a low shelf to enable people to access them easily
*Have your hob controls at the front of the stove, to avoid people having to reach a distance to access them

In The Bathroom

*Install grab bars near the bathtub and the toilet for extra support
*Fit cords to enable lights to be turned on and off from a lower height
*If a loved one with reduced mobility will be living with you, consider installing a walk-in bathtub or shower with a seat to make things easier and more comfortable.

In The Living Room

*Ensure flooring is safe and even, and allows a wheelchair to move around with ease. Low pile carpet is best for this
*Look into placing door handles at lower levels to allow ease of reach
*Ensure that any tiled flooring is skid-proof and slip resistant

In The Garden

*Ensure that pathways are wide, non-sloping and free from steps wherever possible
*Fit a ramp to allow ease of access to and from the house

I can already see a fair few ways that we could make our home for mobility-friendly, and will be ensuring we take the steps to do so.

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