Monday, 27 May 2019

How To Raise Children Like The Royals!

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I've always had a bit of an obsession with the royal family.

I don't know what it is about them that piques my interest so much, but I find their lives completely fascinating and I'm always hungry for more knowledge about the inner workings of life behind the palace walls.

And with a new Royal baby having just been born, and Prince William now being a father to three children of very similar ages to my own...I've found myself feeling curious about what life is like for the young Royals, and how they raise their children.

I've been doing a bit of reading on this topic today, and I thought I'd share a collection of parenting tips that the Royals have shared - just to see how their parenting compares to the rest of us!

Don't ditch Date night!

Kate & Wills are apparently huge advocates for the importance of keeping date night alive once children come onto the scene. They enjoyed their first holiday as a family of five when they visited the private island of Mustique but ensured that they got a night away on their own to attend a party and enjoy some couple-time.  And why not!

It's OK to ask for help

Of course it goes without saying that the Royals are far more privileged than your average family, and have access to all of the best household help - they employed a nanny when Prince George was 6 months old and she has stayed with them ever since.

If you're able to spring for a nanny (and as somebody who worked for many years as a private nanny, I can vouch for how very useful we are to have about!) then be sure to use a household staff agency to find the best ones available.  But for those of us who can't quite stretch to that - remember that it's ok to ask for help when you need it, utilise grandparents and other friends or family who are happy to lend a hand with babysitting, or even consider using a reputable babysitting agency if you're not fortunate enough to have family to help you out.

Even The Royal Children Have Screen Time!

You might assume that the royal children are kept far too busy with more important endeavours but it seems that they are just as partial to a bit of YouTube Kids as our own tots! Infact William stated that Prince George was quite the fan of Fireman Sam, and insists that his parents watch along with him!

Every Mum Needs A Bit Of Mumsnet Help Sometimes!

Yes...even the Royals! Did you know that Kate has reportedly used a pseudonym to post questions on Mumsnet forums to ask for advice and opinions on raising the children?! And who can blame her. Sometimes, when its 2 am and your baby won't settle, the virtual shoulder to cry on from other mums online is exactly what you need!

So despite their status, it seems like raising children as a royal isn't a great deal different than how the rest of us do it after all! Well....give or take a few squillion pounds and a title, of course!

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