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The Best Apps & Websites To Keep On Your Phone

I don't know about you, but I've found myself relying on my iPhone more and more over the years.
With so many apps and websites around which offer so much practical help and support for daily life admin, I find it absolutely invaluable for taking the pressure off and helping me to keep on top of things as a busy home educating, working mum..... From the best UK investment apps that are more complex, to apps that you can simply order food on. The world is turning more towards the app life.

So today I thought I'd share some of my must-have apps and most used websites, incase they're of any use to you too! 


*Clue - This is the kind of app you don't think you need until you start using it, but once you do - you can't imagine how you survived life without it! It's a menstrual cycle tracker which allows you to not only track your cycle (which is really handy for knowing when you're ovulating, when your period is due and when you're likely to experience PMS) but to also track your symptoms at various times of the month too.

This has really helped me to understand my cycle better and to become more familiar with my body - since using Clue, I'm now aware that I get symptoms during ovulation that I don't experience at any other time of the month - which has helped me to stop panicking about them when they crop up!

*Google Maps - I'm not the best with directions, so having this to hand is crucial for me! I find it really easy to use and the directions are always clear and concise, it also updates with route disruptions well too.

*Daily Budget - I use this app to keep track of our financial outgoings, and since using it I've found myself able to keep track of our spending far more efficiently. It allows me to set a daily spend limit and since using it - we've gone from living in our overdraft constantly, to being hundreds of pounds in credit - I'm really impressed with how much its helped to curb our spending!

*HMRC App  -  This comes in really handy for keeping everything up to speed when it comes to taxes and is a great quick reference point too. It is only really suitable for UK users though, so my American friends might want to check out TurboTax which promises to make taxes easier - allowing you to submit your efile online and keep track of everything in one place.

*Forest - This is a time-focusing app I use when I'm working and finding myself too easily distracted, or also when I just want to have less phone time too.

The app allows you to plant a virtual tree in your virtual forest - you then have to leave your phone alone while your tree grows! The idea is that it encourages you to stick to a designated period of phone-free time - if you pick your phone up during that time, your tree will die.

It may sound silly but I find it really works well for me - once I commit to "planting a tree", I hate to have to disturb it and I find it really helpful to see my forest full of trees and know that I've achieved it by focusing on my work or spending quality time with my family. What's great is that the app developers have partnered with Trees For The Future so that when users spend their earned virtual coins - money is sent to Trees For The Future in order for real trees to be planted!

*DisneyLife - This one is a firm favourite in our household, as it gives us access to all of the Disney movies from the cartoon favourites to some old school comedy classics. It streams easily through our Apple TV or via our projector, so its great for movie nights but it can also be used to distract the kids when we're out and about too and they're getting bored. We love it!

*Lucky Bitch - This is a manifestation app by the author of "Get rich, Lucky bitch!" and I find it really fun to use in order to keep track of my financial goals. If you're a fan of the law of attraction, its worth looking in to!

*My Supermarket - This has fast become one of my most-used apps. You enter your grocery shopping order onto it, and it tells you which of the supermarkets can offer your basket to you for the lowest price. It also allows you to make swaps for lower priced items, too and transfers your order over to the supermarket of your choice to check out when you're done. I have saved SO MUCH MONEY on our weekly shopping by using this app, it's fantastic!

*Around Me - This is a must have app for parents of toddlers, as it allows you to check facilities such as public toilets, coffee shops and other amenities local to you. If you're someone who travels a lot or visits unfamiliar towns with a little one in tow who might need a bathroom visit, this is honestly so handy to have on hand!

*TeuxDeux - This is basically a to-do list app. I had always just used the Notes section on my phone previously, but I like that TeuxDeux moves any uncompleted tasks from my days To Do list over to the next day for me automatically if I don't complete them - which saves me a job!

*HeadSpace - This is a fantastic app that I think EVERYONE should have. It runs you through some fantastic meditations for relaxing and calming your mind, and is a great tool even for those who don't usually meditate.

*NHS Direct - As a panicky parent and a bit of a hypochondriac, I use this app far more than I care to admit to but I am so glad it exists. It is so quick and easy to use when you want to look up some symptoms in a hurry, definitely one I wouldn't be without!


*Contact Numbers - This is a great site that offers all of the contact numbers you might need in day to day life, whether you need to get through to Child Tax Credits customer services or call the passport office - the number will be listed here.

*Lifefyle - This is a life admin management app that I have been loving lately, if you want to find out more about it - be sure to read my recent review!

What are your most used apps and websites? I'm always looking for new ones to try out so I'd love to hear what your favourites are!

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