Monday, 22 April 2019

Three Ways to Make Father’s Day as Big as Mother’s Day

Father’s day doesn’t always receive the credit that it deserves. For many, it falls behind Mother’s day in terms of priority.  

But it’s still very important – especially if you want to celebrate your dad in a meaningful way. So, just how can we make it as big as Mother’s day? Easily, as it turns out.  
Let’s explore the three main ways to achieve this. 

  1. Make a Mix-Tape  

A mix-tape. It’s arguably the ultimate retro gift. Did you ever – or do you still – go on long drives with your dad? Does music feature heavily during them 
If the answer to either or both is yes, why don’t you create a collection of his favourite car songs 
Or better still, you could choose tracks that the two of you have listened to together over the years. Then how about a Father’s day drive out to help him make the most of the present?  
It may be the ideal way to show him how much family drives mean to you. He’ll no doubt feel very touched by such a personal idea 

  1. Host a Home Cinema  

Are movie trips yours and your dad’s ‘thing’? Then why not host a home cinema event for Father’s DayIf he’s an avid film watcher, he may very well love it.  
Not sure which features to show? Then why don’t you consider his preferred genre? You can always base your choices on it.  
If you want to enhance the theme, how about adding some visual effects? This could be a simple way to further personalise the gift.  
This might be just what you need to underline the close bond that you and your dad share 

  1. Create a Dad Trail 

You’re likely to be unfamiliar with the name – but it’s a fairly straightforward presentIt’s very similar to an Easter egg hunt. It doesn’t involve chocolate treats, though 
Instead, it requires you to hide gifts for your dad around the house or garden. You can involve confectionaries if you want, of course – so long as he likes them.  
Though the main focus should be your dad, it can make for a fun family activity. Forget paying to go out for the day. Set up a dad trail, and you can create all the entertainment from within your living space.  
And what better way to conclude the day than with a BBQ or another tasty meal?  
This treat could help you to create a magical day for your dad – perhaps one that’s even bigger than Mother’s day 
A dad can be a very special person. Father’s day can be a great opportunity to spoil yours. It’s often just as significant as Mother’s Day. With these tips, you could make sure that the whole family enjoys this day to the full.  

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