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Keeping Memories for Your Child’s Future

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Becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest rewards. Bringing a life into this world and caring for it as it grows is a massive responsibility that comes with and an incredible number of challenges. Our child’s infancy quickly moves on to adolescence, and it is important for us as well as them that we make sure their childhood is remembered and cherished when they reach adulthood.
There are more options than ever available today for parents to keep a record of their child’s life as they progress through infancy to school and through Christmases and birthdays and special occasions. Here we are going to look at some of those options and hopefully help you create some boxes and books of memories for your child to cherish for the rest of their life.

Have a Box for Keepsakes

It is a good idea to get a box early on to put in your baby’s keepsakes. One of the first possessions your baby has is its security and identity tag or bracelet from the hospital. This will be one of the first things you’ll want to keep and the list is only going to grow from there, just like your child.
The boxes you use need to be robust to last through the decades, and it is nice to get something themed to your child or their age so the box or boxes you use reflect their character or the age they were when you began the box.

Build a Scrapbook for Documents

Your child’s life will quickly begin to be recorded by documents from the hospital they were born in, to their first school, and into clubs and associations like boy scouts or childhood sports teams. Important documents marking milestones in your child’s life will come sporadically, so making a scrapbook you can add to over the years is a great way to preserve the documents while also creating a story for your child to follow later in life.

Use Online Tools to Record Events

Online services like social media can have a role to play in documenting our child’s progress. If you do create profiles for an infant child, it is advisable to set any privacy settings to their maximum to preserve your control over any information about your child. Also, be aware that technical problems or changes in terms and conditions can lead to a loss of photos or media online. Though convenient, online resources are out of your direct control and are best used to compliment physical books and photos.

Make Your Own Photo Book

Creating your own photo book is a fantastic way to preserve memories and create a story that your child can enjoy at every age and enjoy with their children too when they are older. You can get a professional book made for you if you look for the right photo book deals online. There are a number of different options on sites like Photo Book Deals - they have unique styles and let you compare prices to help you find the best deal for you.

Frame Important Achievements

Don’t leave framing to photos and certificates; framing important items from your child’s life is growing in popularity. Framing your favourite baby clothes with a picture of you and your child with your child wearing the clothes is a wonderful thing to have as your child grows older. Many people have that special baby shirt or dress that their child looked their cutest in, but quickly outgrew. Preserve the look for the ages and frame the clothing with a cute picture.

Plan Ahead

A great idea is to plan ahead for your child’s future. Keeping special baby clothes to be reused on your grandchildren is a lovely idea, and possible now with things like vacuum packing to preserve the clothes for a generation. Maybe have a photo pose you take every birthday, your child with you and your cake, for example, and repeat the photo’s pose and framing every year. When your child reaches a milestone like their 18th or 21st birthday, a collage of all these photos would be a unique and special gift for your unique and special child.
Giving our children a collection of memories to carry into their adulthood is one of the greatest gifts we could offer. Books and boxes of memories often become our lives most treasured possession, and the photobooks and keepsakes we collect can be used even later in life as a way for your children to connect to their past, and for future generations to connect to you.
Collecting memories to pass down to your children has never been easier, with a number of options available online to help you preserve your keepsakes and special photos. Social media can give help us to keep a lot of memories and photographs but having physical books and boxes can never be replaced by Facebook and Instagram albums.

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