Friday, 28 June 2019

Summer Fun With Studio

*This post was written as part of our Studio Ambassadorship and therefore is an advert. All words and opinions are my own.

With Summer FINALLY here - and our fingers firmly crossed that it will stick around for a while! - myself and my little ones have our sights set on plenty of lovely family beach days.

We're lucky enough to be quite spoiled for choice when it comes to beaches as we live in Devon which has quite the selection of seaside spaces, but I have to admit - we've always been the "Wing it" type when it comes to beach days - usually forgetting the buckets and spades every time, having to always buy new ones and often look on with envy at the organised families around us with their beach chairs and various accessories to make the day run more smoothly!

But not this summer! This summer we decided that we were going to go prepared and kit ourselves out with everything we could possibly need for a summer of beach fun.

We headed over to the Studio website to see if they could help and to our delight we found that they stocked absolutely everything we needed. And all for less than £100 too!

To start with, I picked out some nice summer t-shirts for the boys. You can never have too many t shirts, and I love these packs of 3 that Studio offer - they're great value for money at only £8.00 and each pack contains 3 lovely t shirts. I often find that multipacks feature at least 1 "iffy" design that I'm not so keen on but that wasn't the case with these at all.

They wash really well too, and I love that they offer some lovely bright colours for boys as we get bored of all the dark colours that a lot of retailers choose.

I also picked out some new summer dresses too, like this leopard print one - it was just £5.99 which I thought was a real bargain!

The great thing about Studio's great value summer clothing is that I don't need to worry too much about the inevitable ice cream spills - I hate spending a small fortune on childrens clothes as it makes me reluctant to allow them to have messy treats incase the stains won't budge. 

As you can see - my children do like to get very messy indeed!!

It's not just childrens clothes that Studio have on offer though. I selected some summer clothes myself when I went along to the brand immersion day last month, and I have been pretty much living in this nautical striped maxi dress ever since - it is SO comfortable! The beach hat is also from Studio.

Of course, no trip to the beach can be undertaken without plenty of beach towels! Ours were starting to look like they'd seen better days so we got some new ones from Studio's amazing selection. There is honestly a beach towel to suit every possible with Studio - my little ones were absolutely delighted with the ones I picked out for them.

The Minecraft towel was a huge hit with my 6 year old and was great value for money at £12.00

I absolutely love this rainbow unicorn beach towel too - although I didn't get a look in as my 4 year old claimed it right away!

We also invested in a wind breaker! I've always looked at other families using these and been unsure of how beneficial they'd actually be, but honestly? I'm a total convert!

The windbreaker provided privacy for changing the little ones in and out of their wet clothes after a dip in the sea, and I also really enjoyed the privacy it gave us for sunbathing without feeling as though we were on display too - it was also very handy for hiding from the seagulls when we were having our chips too!

This one is the extra tall 15 ft option with 8 poles and was the perfect size for our family, but there are smaller ones available too.

Whilst browsing the website, I also discovered this rather unusual looking sun lounger.

I'd never seen anything quite like it before but I thought it looked really interesting. It provides a space to lay with a raised head rest, and it folds up for easy transportation too.

It even has a shoulder strap to make carrying it really easy. It was fab, and we'll be getting a lot of use out of it this summer I'm sure! A bargain too at only £9.99 (Now reduced to £7.00 so be quick!)

And what else do you need for a family day at the beach?! Swim wear of course!

As a plus size woman I often find it really difficult to find nice, trendy swimwear that caters to my size without having to spend upwards of £50 which I'm really not keen to do for something that I wont get much wear out of - so to find that Studio's range of womens swim wear caters for sizes 8-28 in the full stylish and affordable range was fantastic!

I absolutely love this skirted tropical swimsuit and it's currently on sale for just £15.00!

We really enjoyed our first beach day of 2019 and our Studio goodies made it all the more enjoyable - let's hope its the first of many!

Happy Summer Everyone!

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