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5 Tips For Protecting Your Home When Travelling

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After the safety of your family, the security of your property and possessions ranks pretty highly.

Current statistics, show that many areas of the UK are suffering higher crime rates than previous years. These figures can seem very alarming, and really impact upon how we go about our daily lives. 

We can't all live in a castle with a moat around it (and even those are prone to sieges!) nor can we all stay permanently encamped tucked up in our homes never crossing the doorstep. A hermetic lifestyle of isolation and just ordering food and services online might appeal to some, but for most of us it's not practical and is simply not possible...and even if it is, how safe are you in your own home?

Most of us travel to and from work, for work, or for school runs, holidays, family days out and life in general. We personally tend to travel quite a lot, and so home safety is something we take very seriously.

Worrying about your property and possessions whilst not at home can be a huge source of anxiety for many, and really impact upon the quality of life you could be living. I know it's certainly something that adds to my anxiety!

It's not even just about ones home, many people have businesses that they cherish and any break ins at a place of work could have a catastrophic effect upon their livelihoods. It's been proven in the past that people have become isolated and separated from their previously full lives due to fear of burglary, theft or vandalism to their homes or properties.

Here are five tips to help give you peace of mind whilst away from home.

Lock it

1. It may seem obvious, but ensuring doors and windows are securely locked can really deter an opportunistic would be thief. Most modern door and window locks are inexpensive and easy to fit and your local DIY store can often even advise which is best for your property.

Most locksmiths can often provide information or even free quotations for fitting bars to windows to provide extra security for businesses or the home. A visual deterrent such as bars can often be enough to put off would be criminals.

Keep it Quiet

2) If you're going away on holiday, or to work, for family visits etc, try not to advertise this to all but your closest friends and family. Advise trusted neighbours only of your plans and ask them if possible, to keep and eye on your property.

Cancel any papers or milk deliveries, and as old fashioned as it may seem use lights on timers where practical and possible.

Should you be expecting parcels, then notify Royal Mail and if possible use their 'Keep safe service'. This will help prevent items being visible on your doorstep or porch, a sure sign no one is home!
Should any parcels arrive in your absence, ask trusted neighbours to take them in for you until your return. Steps such as these will help prevent advertising you are away, and stop items being stolen from your property.

Alarm It

3) Invest in a burglar alarm. It seems obvious, but many people don't take this simple step.
Often a highly visual deterrent, countless robberies have been prevented thanks to the installation of an alarm system at home and places of work.

They not only provide peace of mind, but should anyone break in whilst you are present also provide the 'panic button' feature. Allowing you to activate the alarm should you feel the need and being unable to call for help directly.

There are many models and styles available on the market to suit every kind of property or potential situation. There are plenty of home safety companies who can provide information and services best suited for your needs and area.

Hide It

4) Keep it out of sight. Ok so it seems like a no brainer, but how many of us have left the lawnmower, or hedge trimmers in the front garden while we nipped in for a coffee or loo break? It takes seconds to pop items out of sight and is an easy way to help prevent theft.

Even if your car is on the drive or even in the garage, keep items off parcel shelves and seats and out of site. If you do have a garage, make sure you lock it!

Tools, ladders, even expensive ride on toys are easy pickings for a thief, and if you can see them, chances are they can too. A lot of heartache and money can be saved by simply taking a few moments to put stuff away. putting items in a shed, garage or outhouse with sturdy locks can be all it takes to stop being a victim of thieves. It's not very nice having to explain to small children their favourite battery powered ride on toy has been stolen.

Light it Up 

5) Outside lights, sensors and cameras are a great way of 'shining a little light on the subject' (pardon the pun) and identifying potential dangers. Whilst we are all familiar with the tales of neighbours complaining about lights going on and off all night disturbing sleep, it's not a huge task to ensure they only illuminate your property and remain unobtrusive to your neighbours or other businesses. 

Relatively inexpensive, and easy to tailor to your specific needs, sensor operated lights and cameras are a great way to ensure it is only next doors cat and not a prowler climbing your fence in the middle of the night.You can even get two way systems that link to your smart phone via apps and allow you to see what is happening, be it harmful or harmless, enabling you to take to right course of action.

I hope these tips have helped and provided some useful information. 

Have you got any top tips to prevent crime and ensure peace of mind whilst not at home? If so I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!

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