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5 Trendy Cabinet Door Styles for 2019

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Research has shown that most of us will spend at a total of at least three years of our lives in the kitchen. Additional research indicates that most of us will spend 92 days of our lives in the bathroom; and obviously for some, that will be more than others. Even more interesting is that many adults claim that they use their bathroom to think, or to get time alone. And we know that the kitchen is often the central room in the home where families dine together and often congregate during house parties.

With this much time spent in the kitchen and bathroom, it is desirable, and quite necessary, to make these rooms comfortable and inviting. Your cabinetry is likely the first thing you’ll see in either of these spaces (unless you have a luxurious soaking tub in your bathroom, but that’s a story for a different time).

What cabinet styles are hot in 2019?

1.       Dark colors and pastel hues are quite the rage in 2019 for cabinetry. And the white cabinets that were just popular a few years ago are on their way out. As today’s homeowners are looking to add more personality to their home, color is a great way to add that customization that can make your space unique. Further, with the opportunity to tailor your color to what suits you best, it also provides added flexibility in a complementary countertop. Quartz is a popular material due to its irregular pattern within the stone, which can add to that personalized look.

2.       Oak is back. While oak was a popular cabinetry choice in the 1970s, it decreased in popularity in recent years as homeowners started using more unique choices such as walnut, maple, and cherry. But oak has regained acceptance and fame in recent years due to its texture, natural color, and aspect. Whether your home is traditional, Victorian, industrial, arts & crafts, contemporary or other, oak offers an unmatched versatility that is also solid and timeless. Granite countertops serve as a great counterpart to oak cabinetry due to the wide variety of granite that is available. For those keeping the natural color of their oak, a rich granite can create a lovely and contemporary look, and for those seeking a dark cabinetry color, titanium granite is a great choice.

3.       Staggered height and depth in cabinetry continues to be a popular choice for those purchasing new homes, and those looking to remodel outdated kitchens. And, as staggered cabinets can be made of the material of your choosing and painted or stained to whatever color you are going for, homeowners get the added benefit of being able to select from a wide array of countertops that will complement the look.

What about the cabinet doors?

Now that you know some of the latest trends in cabinetry itself, what about those cabinet doors? Here too we have provided some recommendations on the most popular cabinet doors in kitchens and bathrooms today.

1.       Flat panel doors remain a popular choice for those looking to keep a clean and sleek effect. Patterned countertops are recommended for those wanting a contemporary look with some added interest. A thick-slab countertop is excellent for a statelier look, and these taller countertops are generally 3 – 5” thick instead of the standard 2”.

2.       Slab panel doors are another great choice for those seeking that contemporary look, and looks stylish when paired with a concrete countertop in the kitchen. The solid and flat finish of the door will add a modern look to your kitchen or bathroom.

3.       Raised panel doors offer a profile or contour to create more visual interest, and popular wood choices are knotty alder, cherry, hickory, maple, and of course, oak. These cabinets are built to withstand the test of time and require potentially less maintenance than many of their counterparts. Stainless steel and zinc countertops are increasing in popularity and look great with a raised panel door design, especially when paired with stainless steel appliances and a lighter wood finish.

4.       Shaker doors can be less expensive than raised panel and are usually readily available for DIYers. However, as the thin background material is not as thick as in other styles, these cabinets may require maintenance over time, and may offer less decorative options. That said, the shaker style is a great minimalist and contemporary look that pairs well with a laminate countertop, especially for those looking to keep costs down. If budget is not an issue, shaker doors can pair well with any of the stone countertop options popular today, such as quartz, granite, and marble.

5.       Mullion and accent doors are still popular, though not all homeowners appreciate the use of glass doors in their kitchen, giving visibility to the dishes hidden behind. While some decide to use the accent style for all cabinets, it is more common to see this style as a decorate accent for just one or two cabinets, and is generally used to display formal ware, striking dinnerware, or other decorate pieces that are not used as often as day to day dishes. These cabinets are also popular in bathrooms to boast colorful towels, neatly folded behind the glass. The mullion style is popular when you are looking to create a division in the window pane, for added effect. Quartz, granite, and marble all look great with mullion style cabinets due to the varying designs with the stone.

How to decide on the best cabinet door style for you

Cabinet door styles really come down to personal preference, which includes not only look but budget, and long-term needs. When searching for the right cabinetry and door style for you, consider your budget, focus on the features, and inspect the constructions of the various options that are available. If you’re not interested in new cabinetry, it is possible to revitalize your existing cabinetry by sanding and repainting, adding or removing hardware, etc. Sometimes, just a minimal change can create a maximum impact.

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