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6 Italian foods your family would love to try

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Italian foods are everywhere, not just in Italy, and it’s no surprise why.  Well known for its diversity, Italian foods vary depending on which part of Italy you visit. But on the whole, it has had an impressive influence on many cultures around the world. Pasta earnt a title as the worlds’ favourite food’ in 2011, a global approval. Not to forget pizza either, a UK nation’s favourite.

So, you’ve got yourself a Holiday villa in Italy , but you and your family are all hungry and want to know what to munch on.
So, let’s take a look at Italian foods your family would love to try.


Nothing beats Supplì when it comes to comfort food in a snack.
These amazing ‘deep-fried balls’ can have varied fillings of meat and egg, but the most common fillings are rice and mozzarella, infused with a light tomato sauce. All together it creates this mouth-watering array of textures and flavours when eaten in one bite! 
Supplì can also be sauce-less for those who prefer Bianco and is still just as tasty!
The variety makes these great for children to try different flavours and hopefully find a favourite too!

A picture of supplì, deep fried rice balls

There is a very good chance you and your family have already tried pasta before, being a firm favourite all over the world. However, there are so many different types of pasta other than the bag you can purchase from your local store. And, there is nothing like freshly made pasta either!
Aside from your usual spaghetti, shell and penne, there is a pasta world out there that is waiting be explored.  Choose from all kinds of shapes and sizes such as Bigoli - a thick, long pasta shaped like spaghetti, which is perfect for an oil dressing or light seafood sauces. Orecchiette is a delightful small, circle-shaped pasta, its name meaning “little ears”, which are, in particular, a great little vessel for broccoli, garlic and chilli. Strozzapreti is a little twisty pasta that makes a great catcher for sauce and other ingredients. Pesto is recommended for this pasta!
A picture of different shapes and types of dried pasta, garnished with a tomato and spinach leaf

There are far too many pasta varieties to list here, but rest assured, there will be something that everyone in the family will love!


Pizza is absolutely another favourite, and no one does it quite like Italy.
A far cry from the frozen pizzas you can get from a supermarket aisle, the bases are made from scratch, then usually baked in a pizza oven. The toppings are fresh, and the choice is vast. Pizza is quite possibly the biggest family favourite of authentic Italian food. If you’re stuck on what to try for tea, you can’t go wrong with a proper Italian pizza.

A picture of a wood-fired oven with pizzas cooking inside it


Meat is another typical food that might come to mind when you think of Italy, in terms of their famous charcuterie boards, cured meats and delicatessens. But Italy offers polenta as a staple starch (along with pasta), which serves as a great vegetarian option. Polenta is essentially mixed grain or maize flour mashed up to make a fritter. While this might not sound the most appealing, polenta’s plain nature makes it very versatile for many dressings and accompaniments.
It has a unique texture, which might not be for everyone, but as a traditional food of Italy, it’s a brilliant food for the family to try together!

No one does ice-cream like Italians! Gelato, ice-creams Italian name, was first introduced in Italy – making Italy gelatos home. However, it’s not the same as your regular ice-cream. Gelato is a specific ice-cream that is typically made of 3 ingredients; milk, sugar and flavourings. All together, they are churned at a much slower rate than other ice-cream varieties, which leaves gelato much denser.
Traditional flavours include pistachio, cream, vanilla and Stracciatella, which is fresh mozzarella, with added chocolate chunks!
Why not have a family tasting session together and write down your favourites.

A picture of five different tubs of ice-cream of different flavours and colours


This is perhaps one for just the parents while the kids enjoy their gelato. Digestives’ in Italy are traditionally liquor that is drunk in a shot after dinner, in order to aid digestion. The type of liquor can vary. Limoncello is a delicious, common digestif but others can be sampled too, such as sweet vermouth. You can have your own little tasting session when the children have gone to bed.

A picture of a bottle of limoncello, and lemons with the peel scattered around it

We hope this has inspired your taste buds to try new Italian food and have fun with the family!

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