Friday, 19 July 2019

A Child-Free Escape To Cornwall

At the start of this year, Jon & I sat down together - as we do every year - to make some plans and set some intentions for things we'd like to do and achieve as a family in 2019.

One of the things on our list was to take a couples break!

We were given some money as a Christmas gift which, although it sadly wouldn't cover a 2 week caribbean cruise, would certainly pay for a night in a nice hotel or - if we were frugal with it - maybe even a (very) budget mini-break abroad!

There's a travel agent local to us who often have some incredibly good deals on offer for mini-breaks and we had our hearts set on a couple of nights visiting Rome or Austria.

Apart from a few Travelodge stays here and there when visiting London for work reasons, we haven't had a couples only break together since the children came along really - and given that we home school, both work from home, and that none of the children are good sleepers (they're often still awake and shouting for us at 11pm!) we are literally never away from them and we really don't often get time to do anything together. Even our evenings are not our own, and so we often feel that it can be days in between us being able to finish a conversation due to the constant interruptions from little ones!

We both feel that time together as a couple is important, and that it helps us to be better parents when we're able to spend a few hours on our own to rest and recharge our batteries.

The problem we have is - one of our children is very unsure of being without us. Our eldest son Tyne has always been this way, and although he loves spending time with his extended family - he gets very emotional whenever the topic of him being babysat even for just an hour or two comes up.

So the thought of leaving him behind for 2 nights is quite unnerving. I dont like to see him upset, and although I know it's good for him to have some time away from us - I just know that I'd feel so much guilt that it would probably make our break unenjoyable anyway.

And so we've yet to book that mini-break, unsure of what to do about it.

A few weeks ago, I heard that Kylie Minogue - a pop star I have completely adored since I was 7 years old - was doing a tour. I have a "bucket list" of artists I'd love to see live, and Kylie was very close to the top of that list (second only to Madonna!).

I was amazed to find that she was visiting Cornwall on her tour, as NO artists ever make it to this part of the country - it felt like fate that I was finally going to chance to see her. Except for one problem....the concert was sold out and had been for months!

But to my amazement - with a bit of cosmic ordering and some stalking of the Twickets ticket resale site - a few weeks later, I was in possession of two tickets to the gig!

And so...we decided to make the most of it, and book ourselves a hotel stay in Cornwall for the evening before.

It would give us the chance to have some relaxing couples time, and it would also be a great little test to see how Tyne dealt with us going away for the night - we were only an hour away from home so if it was really too much, we could always come home.

We decided to stay at the amazing Headland Hotel in the heart of Newquay - and we couldn't have asked for a better location!

The Headland Hotel is located right on the glorious Fistral Beach with its sprawling white sands and crystal blue waters - I found it difficult to remember that we were still in the UK when taking in the gorgeous scenery, it truly felt like we were somewhere in the med!

The Headland offers old-school luxury with its grand and timeless decor, and we felt that it provided the perfect setting for some much needed R & R.

The weather was beautiful during our stay, and we spent most of our day there sitting outside on deck chairs - looking out over the sea and relaxing as the sound of waves crashing on the rocks lulled us in to the most peaceful seaside snooze.

We ate dinner in The Terrace restaurant, which was delicious and also pretty reasonably priced given the setting too.
 Jon went for the posh fish finger sandwhich which he was full of praise for, and I had the cheeseburger which was absolutely delicious.

After a peaceful nights sleep, we headed to The Eden Project for the concert and I spent the night reliving my childhood as Kylie performed hit after hit from her back catalogue.

The show was amazing, probably the best I've ever seen in fact - and we came home feeling rested and ready for anything!

Our night away was exactly what the Dr ordered, and the best part was that Tyne was absolutely fine - he barely seemed to notice we'd been away and hasn't even mentioned it to us since (we expected a good old guilt trip!)

So will we manage to make that mini break happen after all? Watch this space!

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