Thursday, 18 July 2019

How to care for a relative after a fall

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Have you ever experienced a relative take a fall? Whether you were there to witness it or not, it can be a terrifying occurrence. All you can normally do is hope that they’re okay in the aftermath and that their recovery goes well. Chances are they’ll need an indefinite amount of help during the process. If you’re looking for ways to take care of a relative after a fall, here are three options to help make their and your lives a little easier.

Hire a Live-In or Visiting Home Carer

Unfortunately, if you have a relative who falls, life can’t stop for them. You’ll still need to go to work, and there’s a fear and guilt associated with leaving them on their own. Fortunately, there are options. One way to care for your relative is by hiring someone to care for them. You can hire around-the-clock help or a visiting home carer who will visit while you’re gone. It’s hard trying to keep up with all the new lifestyle changes they might need to make and having a home carer will make the transition easier for you. Not to mention that you’ll be making sure that your loved one is getting the best care possible.

Make Adjustments to the Living Situations

After a fall, you’ll probably notice that any prior living situations might not work out so well anymore. Another step you’ll probably need to take in order to properly care for your relative is adjusting the living situations. If you or they have a full bath on the first floor, you might want to move their room down to the first floor so they can avoid any unnecessary stairs. Things like lowered mattresses and step stools can come in handy when their mobility is no longer the same as it was before.

Acknowledge Their Fear After Their Fall

Falling can be terrifying, and if you really want to care for your relative, you have to acknowledge that. After a fall, you might notice that they’re more apprehensive to do everything. Getting them to move or try walking can be a bit of a challenge. While they’ve had a nasty shock, you may want to think about getting other people involved, such as personal injury lawyers if they suffered a major accident, it’s important to give them time. When it comes to big incidents, they may want to forget about it rather than trying to get some retribution. And we’ve got to respect this. While it’s easy to get frustrated with them, one thing to remember is that after a fall they’re scared of falling again. So just be patient with them as they get back to themselves. 

If you’ve ever had to take care of a relative after a fall, you could probably attest that it’s a difficult situation to go through. Before you get frustrated and impatient, just imagine if you were the one who had fallen. Not only are they dealing with an injury, but they’re dealing with the mental toll that it also takes on someone. Coordinating care for them might seem difficult,  but it’s easier than you think when there are options like care at home. With a combination of an in-home carer, proper planning, and compassion, you can easily take care of your relative.

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