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Top 7 Ways to Stay Cool and Comfortable This Summer Without Relying on A/C

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When the weather outside starts to feel downright treacherous and it seems like there's no way to avoid an absolute sweat-fest, it can be tempting to crank up your air conditioning to the max and stay inside. However, if you're like most of the population, you have obligations like work and school that keep you from staying sheltered within the comfortable confines of your air conditioned home throughout the entire summer.
Plus, most of us would also like to save money by reducing our average utility bill, which can increase significantly during the summer months due to a heightened reliance on air conditioning. With that said, here are the top seven ways you can stay cool and comfortable this summer without relying solely on the modern convenience of A/C:

1. Use an Assortment of Fans

Fans comes in all shapes and sizes, so they're easy to position around the house, on the porch/patio/deck, in the yard, and in the vehicle for easy access to on-demand breeze. Check out the catalog of the leading fan brand Lasko to get an idea of the type of fans that you can use to cool off this summer. The standard box fan is a good option for budget-conscious individuals, while stronger oscillating fans are better for families that want a rotating breeze for everyone.

2. Build a Gazebo or Shaded Area in Your Yard

Anyone who has ever stood in the shade on a hot day knows the kind of relief that blocking direct sun exposure can bring. If your yard doesn't have a lot of shaded spots, you might want to consider assembling a gazebo, umbrella table, or other shaded structure.

3. Use Spray Bottles and Misters

Spraying yourself with a small spray bottle while sitting in front of a fan is an incredibly effective way to cool down on even the hottest days. In fact, this is the cooling method that nature has chosen for the human body through natural selection, as it is the reason why we sweat – air makes contact with sweat droplets to cool off the surface of our skin. Instead of waiting until you're drenched in your own sweat, you can activate this cooling process with a few occasional squirts from a spray bottle or automated mister. Of course, putting ice cubes in the bottle will help as well.

4. Upgrade Your Summer Hat Collection

It might seem as though wearing a hat would make your head hot, but certain kinds can provide shade for your face while you're on the go without trapping body heat. For example, visors and weaved hats are a start. If you have long hair, it's best to stick with visors because you don't want a closed hat sitting on top of your hair in hot weather.

5. Park in the Shade

Getting hot and sweaty is sort of like a chain reaction – once you overheat, it's going to take a while to cool off. Getting back into your car after parking it in direct sunlight is the fastest way to bake yourself into a sweat-covered mess. When it's 80 to 100 degrees outside, the temperatures inside a car that is parked in direct sunlight can be as high as 130-172 degrees. When parked in the shade, the temperatures in the car will be 10-30 degrees lower, and more importantly, the seats and other interior surfaces won't be getting heated up by direct solar radiation.

6. Cover with Sheets Instead of Blankets

Many people can find it difficult to sleep without any sort of covering at night. However, on particularly hot nights, you don't want to use a blanket either, as the end result will ultimately be blasting the A/C to bring down the indoor temperature. Instead, you can cover yourself with a thin sheet and sleep in front of a fan to feel just as comfortable without even having to use an A/C system at all. Since temps cool down at night anyway, it's usually possible to completely eliminate the need for A/C overnight just by using fans and covering with sheets instead of blankets.

7. Make a Few Wardrobe Adjustments

Finally, updating your summer wardrobe is one more step you can take to feel cooler and more comfortable. Try to think about what kind of clothing makes you the most uncomfortable during the hottest days and replace them with light and airy alternatives. As an added bonus, you'll have an opportunity to upgrade your knowledge of current fashion trends as well.

Believe it or Not, Most People Could Stop Using Their A/C Altogether

Unless you're living in an extremely hot area on a particularly hot day, in the vast majority of cases you can get by with just fans, spray bottles, cold drinks, and the other tips above.

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