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A Foolproof Way To Entertain The Kids - Plus An Awesome Giveaway

* This post is part of a collaboration with Poki who are kindly offering this giveaway prize

As a busy mum, one of the things I’m most often approached about is how I entertain my kids. My answer is always a pretty simple one: it’s not easy! Finding a way to keep the kids busy while I get on with something important in the house is never an easy task. My little ones have all got different tastes, and if you’re a mum (or a dad!) then the chances are yours do too. That variety is part of the joy of parenting, but it does get a little vexing at times!

Luckily, I’ve found a pretty much foolproof way to hold my kids’ attention. Introducing Poki - the ultimate playground for kids of all ages. It doesn’t matter how old your little ones are, what gender they are (I’ve spoken on this blog before about that) or what their tastes in gaming might be. They might not even be gamers - not yet, anyway - but Poki is a fantastic way to introduce them to the hobby. Gaming can be a wonderful way to engage your kids with the world, and Poki is the perfect starting point.

If you’re a gamer, or you know someone who is, then you might recognise a lot of the games on Poki. That’s because Poki hosts many games from the mobile space. Old favourites like Crossy Road, Dunkers 2 and even Minecraft can be found on Poki. Sometimes, though, the controls on mobile platforms can be a bit imprecise. I’ve found that my kids aren’t great with touch screens, but they’re much better with keyboards and mice (mouses!?), and that’s where Poki excels.

Poki attracts over 25 million visitors each month to its website. It’s not hard to see why, either; it’s a site with an eyecatching layout, an easy search function and a frankly staggering number of games to check out. There are racing games, battle royale titles, puzzlers and plenty more for avid gamers and novices alike. Poki isn’t just about mobile gaming; there’s also plenty of stuff you won’t find on portable platforms here. There are so many games it can actually be a bit overwhelming on the first visit!

If you’ve read the title of this post, you’re probably wondering about the giveaway. Don’t worry - we’ll get to that! You won’t be disappointed, I promise you. For now, though, I want to help you and your kids get started exploring the wonderful world of Poki. After all, the sheer number of games can be a bit intimidating. With that in mind, I’d like to recommend a starting point of Uno Online. You all know Uno - it’s the card game that brings the family closer together!

Here’s my challenge to you as earnest gamers or newbies. Can you play just one Uno Online game? Can you sit down and honestly just play a single game before you stop? I bet you can’t. I certainly couldn’t with my kids. We had an afternoon free and decided we’d spend it browsing Poki. We found Uno, and of course, my kids love Uno so we thought we’d have a quick blast on that. Suffice to say that afternoon vanished very quickly indeed!

You can choose between two, three, and four players on Uno Online. It’s a single-player game, so you’ll always be facing off against AI (it’s hard to set up a multiplayer game on a single screen since everyone can see everyone else’s cards). Still, swapping players in and out is super-fun! Once the game begins, you’ll be treated to a quick explanation of the rules. I know that everyone’s played Uno, so probably nobody needs the rules explaining, but it’s great Poki has thought that through as some kids might never have encountered the game before.

After all that, you’re playing Uno, and it really is Uno as you know and love it. To write this post, I went back and played a few rounds of Uno Online and found myself quickly getting sucked back in like a gaming black hole. Before long, I’d forgotten my work and was simply trading rounds with the computer opponent. Action cards keep things fresh, but the basic gameplay of slapping down number and colour cards is a lot more riveting than you would think!

Things get seriously hectic in Uno Online when there are four players on the board. Play becomes chaotic as each player scrambles to victory, placing colour cards, swapping play modes and generally making life difficult for you! Even still, there was never a moment while I was playing Uno Online on Poki where I stopped wanting to play more. For such a simple concept, Uno really does hold your attention longer than even the most expensive video and board games.

Alright, I promised you some information about the giveaway, and some information you shall have. I’ve partnered with Poki to give one lucky winner £100 in cash (Via Paypal payment). That’s right - cold, hard cash. No vouchers, no coupons, and no store credit. £100, yours to spend wherever you want it. I know exactly what I would do with £100 cash, and I’m pretty sure you do as well! Start planning now, because all you need in order to win is to enter your details!

That’s right - there aren’t any entry stipulations, there are no questions to answer, and you won’t have to jump through any hoops. Just put your details into the Rafflecopter widget - your socials would be great, but your email will do just fine - and you’ll be entered into the draw. The prize will go to a single lucky winner.

 Even though there’s no question required, I’d still like to know - what’s the longest session of Uno you’ve ever played? Whether it’s on Poki with Uno Online or just playing the original card game, I’m sure you’ve got some stories - I know I certainly have!

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  1. I've never played Uno, but I will be looking into it now!

  2. I have played Uno for two hours before

  3. Thanks for the giveaway. Uno always reminds me of summer holidays abroad, where we didn't watch TV as it was "foreign rubbish" and so we always played card games or board games in the evening.


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