Sunday, 25 August 2019

Fabric Labels: Kind to Nature. Kind to clothes

*Collaborative post

We have all experienced that when our children go to nursery, they start leaving the odd bit of clothing behind. It can take a few days before you notice that your child’s favorite jumper or cardigan has gone missing and it will be exactly that morning when your son or daughter wants to wear it!

In our nursery they had a basket available for all parents to go through when someone has lost something. Most of the time you’d find it, but sometimes you don’t. If you haven’t labelled it, then good luck in finding again. Unless the washing machine has eaten it, then I believe, it has gone for all eternity.

However, getting used to writing your child’s name into their clothes can be a god send because not only can you identify it amongst all the pile of clothes easily, but it is also easier for someone else to allocate it you. 

When I started labelling my sons clothes, I used a marker pen to write his name into all his clothes, but soon realized that I had damaged the fabric with the strong, alcoholic permanent marker. This made it difficult to use as a hand-me-down or even resell at the local flea market for obvious reasons.
So, I investigated fabric labels. I remember my mother using fabric labels on all my clothes and I found this not only a charming, nostalgic factor but also rather to be efficient in the sense of re-usability.

I soon found out that getting a batch of labels made was well worth the initial money spent because different to permanent markers, fabric woven labels can be removed once your child has outgrown said jumper.

 It wasn’t just the money factor to me, but it turned out to be a lot of fun making your own labels. Reusing the labels was also an appealing factor, with so much waste around the world.
As it turns out, we are not using the fabric labels for nursery anymore but for school. There has not been a time when that rugby top, which has gone A.W.O.L, has not been returned to Lost Property. Apparently, children are the worst culprits for losing stuff, about 7 items per month!!!
So, every time my son does find something at school again, I high-five myself for having paid for these labels.

It is amazing as to what you can do with these labels, you can customize them yourself which gives it that edge, I mean, I never thought I would be customizing labels for my kids’ clothes, but it is rather impressive as to what can be done.

 I remember my mother using a white label with my name in red, but this was so long ago that I wonder what capabilities the embroidery machines had back then?
This customization gave me another idea. I made some labels for little DIY home-made fabric bags that I created together for my son’s birthday. We use them as labels to stick on with fabric glue and create different designs and when we made the bags, he hands them out at the end of his birthday party with little goodies inside. If you are not good with using a sewing machine, get some labels made and add them to whatever you feel. It really does make your arts and crafts stand out, I totally recommend.

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