Thursday, 1 August 2019

Loving Lately....

*Collaborative post

Well it's been a minute since I've done a post like this!

I used to write these chatty little posts about all the things I've been enjoying lately quite regularly in my pre-baby blog days, but then I got wrapped up in mum life and kind of forgot about my own interests a bit if I'm honest!

So I thought I'd start writing them again as honestly, I love reading posts like this from other people to get some inspiration on what to watch or read next.

So lately I've been loving...


My biggest love of the summer has to be the New Look Curve range! I have a tendency to try to "squeeze in" to the bigger sizes in the standard high street ranges sometimes for ease and cost effectiveness but whenever I try clothes from the plus size ranges I really notice a difference in how much better they look on me because they fit properly!

And New Look's Curve range is, in my humble opinion, the best for offering a great fit at a reasonable price.

There are tons of high street stores offering a plus size range these days but most of them don't offer it in store, or if they do - it's very pricey and without a great choice of colours (Newsflash: Plus size people don't just wear black!).

New Look are different, though - their plus size range is offered in a lot of their stores and I'm fortunate that there is a wide selection of it available in my local stores. Their range is bright and colourful, and reasonably priced too.

I have been LOVING their range of summer dresses lately - the colourful number in the photo above being my absolute favourite! It's SO comfortable to wear, too!


I'm not usually big on reading books about parenting if I'm totally honest, but after recently discovering the simple_families Instagram account and feeling inspired by the content that Denaye Barahona phD posts on there - I was intrigued to see what her book would be like.

I wasn't disappointed! Simple Happy Parenting is packed full of practical advice for everything from de-cluttering toys to positive discipline strategies, and is written in a way that promotes confidence and self belief in the parent without feeling like you're being preached to.

I found that the ethos behind the book sits very much in line with my own take on parenting in the modern age and speaks to the challenges of that, providing me with some useful tips on how to tackle some of the issues that have been at the forefront of my mind lately.

The decluttering toys section was the one I got the most out of as this is something I've needed to tackle for a while but found too overwhelming to even begin. After reading Denaye's inspiring and encouraging tips, I finally feel ready to take this on.

My next read is going to be a novel called The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt which I've read great things about, so I'll let you know what I think of that next month!


My taste in TV shows has changed quite a lot in recent years. Having always loved dramatic shows and true crime documentaries, I find myself pretty limited in what I can handle watching these days! Anything with any level of violence is an immediate NO GO for me or else my anxiety sky rockets, and I also can't handle anything with much emotional labour involved either.

There are so many shows that I hear people talk about which sound amazing such as The Handmaids Tale but I just know that I'd struggle to handle it, I'm just never in the right headspace for it these days and so I give them a wide berth in the name of self care.

This does mean though, that finding shows to watch can be tricky! One I tried out lately and quickly binged my way through was Dead To Me.

Given the subject matter (The show focuses on the recently widowed Christina Applegate...) I wasn't too sure how I'd find it, but the combination of relatable humour, female friendship and just the right amount of mystery and intrigue was a winner in my book and I was gutted when the season ended!

Definitely one I'll be watching again!

I also watched Louis Theroux's latest documentary "Surviving America's Most Hated Family" this week.

I adore Louis Theroux and have watched all of his documentaries, there are never any that I don't enjoy - but his previous two documentaries focusing on the Westboro baptist church were probably the ones that interested me most of all.

Having watched the Ted Talk by one of the granddaughters of church leader Phelps who left Westboro behind, I was intrigued to see how she was getting on and how things had changed within the church since the death of its founder.

Although I found the documentary uncomfortable viewing at times (particularly seeing xxx Phelps informed of her siblings engagements on camera and the upset this caused her), I did find it fascinating over all - and it left me with some hope that with its founder gone, there may be cracks forming within the church.

Listening To...

Lizzo, Lizzo and more Lizzo!!

Seriously, if you haven't discovered the body-positive queen of self love yet then where have you been?!

Lizzo's set at Glastonbury felt like everything I've needed to see my whole life, and her album is no different.

Although I was already a fan of her pop-bops Juice and Good As Hell, From the moment I first heard the affirming anthem Truth Hurts, I was sold on Lizzo!

Stream her album, play it loud and celebrate it now!


I'm honestly never happy unless I'm planning some kind of adventure, and right now my focus is firmly on our next trip.

We're going to Italy for 8 nights in September and I'm firmly in planning mode! We'll be spending the week staying with Eurocamp which is a first for me, and we'll be staying close to Venice which has been #1 on my "Must See" list for as long as I can remember so the excitement is high!

Although we've visited Rome, Florence and Pisa previously during our cruises we did only spend around 8 hours in each destination and so having the chance to experience Italy in a more immersive way is super exciting! I can't wait to eat ALL OF THE PASTA!

So that's what I've been loving lately, leave me any of your book and TV show recommendations below!

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