Friday, 27 September 2019

Siblings In September

I almost didn't bother writing a Siblings post this month.

But I decided just now to have a quick look back at how many Siblings posts I've written on my blog over the years and how frequently I'd managed them.

From April 2016 - when  my second child was born - I shared Sibling updates and photos religiously every month for well over a year. And even then, although there's an occasional missing month here and there  - I regularly continued doing this for over 2 years, until in October 2018 they stopped suddenly for 10 months.

I've already discussed why this was, but looking back over those regular updates - charting the children's growth from babies to little people, and documenting their ever-changing relationships and personalities - I was really emotional, and SO pleased that I'd made the effort to keep this little record of their lives.

Although sometimes the effort to take a photograph of them together every month felt like a chore, I'll now have those photographs forever - and even though at 6, 4 and 3 they're still quite little - I can already tell how fast their childhoods are whizzing by and how precious those memories are going to be.

And so, it's spurred me on to write an update this month and renewed my desire to keep doing so for as long as they're happy to let me take these pictures.

This month, our photos are from our holiday in Italy. Although we've been fortunate enough to enjoy lots of family holidays over the years, I do believe that our week in Italy may have been my favourite one to date.

There was no running here and there, everything was right there on the site where we remained every day - chilling at the pool or the beach, strolling around while eating gelato, and just generally soaking up the sun and the relaxed holiday atmosphere. 

There was no stress, very few tantrums - it was such a relaxing week.

And much to my delight - this also meant that there were next to no sibling arguments for the whole week! Infact the three of them got on like a house on fire all week long, as they spent hours creating games in the pool, having competitions and just generally filling their days with play and pleasure.

Often when we're at home, I find that the youngest two stick together most of the time - they have similar taste in games and movies, and they're on a similar wavelength being only 10 months apart in age. Whereas Tyne usually keeps to himself more, or seeks the company of his friends - seeing his younger siblings as a bit of a hindrance and definitely lowering his "cool" points!

But on holiday, things changed and instead it was Sailor who spent more time entertaining himself as the older two bonded over water slide contests and sandcastle-building competitions, finding more in common as they embraced their competitive streaks.

It was lovely to see them enjoying each others company so much and laughing together so often, and a real treat not to have to play referee on any of the usual arguments!

Now that September is here, its back to more of a normal routine with regular home ed sessions and, as Autumn draws in, more time at home - so here's hoping we manage to keep that bickering at bay!

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