Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Tips on Relieving Stress in Day to Day Living

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Although we’re all susceptible to stress, it goes without saying that some feel it more than others. It’s not that these people have more to stress about than everybody else, it’s simply that their bodies are more sensitive to the feeling of stress – and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it’s a good thing at times, as you’re likely to be a more pro-active and productive person – but sometimes stress needs to be controlled. Being constantly stressed can become extremely overwhelming and can actually negatively impact your physical and mental health. Even if you are a person who is prone to stress and have learned to use it in a positive way, sometimes it’s necessary to wind down. If this sounds anything like you, here are some tips on how you can relieve stress in your day to day living

Make Your Own Life Easier
Sometimes, looking for the easy option in stressful situations isn’t lazy – it’s simply healthy and efficient. Say for example you had a property that needed selling in a short time frame. Putting it on the market traditionally doesn’t ensure this, and is likely to cost you more money – whereas going with a we buy any house company will cut costs, and time.
Now, that’s just an example – and a big scale one at that – but the point still stands. If you have a lot of things to think about, sometimes searching for ways to make your own life easier is the most viable option – particularly if you have a deadline you need to adhere to.
The fact of the matter is that stress more often than not occurs when you feel as if you’ve got a lot to do, and not enough time to do it in. Therefore, it would be safe to say that efficiency is in fact the enemy of stress, right? When you think about it like that, you should never consider the quick or easy option to be “lazy” – it’s simply more efficient.

Engage in Regular Exercise
You’ve probably heard it hundreds of times – exercise is beneficial to your overall health. So it’ll be no surprise it can also work as a great stress reliever.
It doesn’t matter what you like doing – being active for twenty minutes per day is enough. It might be that you enjoy taking out life’s frustrations on a boxing bag at your local gym, engaging in some tranquil yoga to calm your mind, or even just walking in the fresh air. Whatever it is you choose – all of these would be a good way of relieving stress. Not only does it help to take it out of your physical body, but it also gives your mind something else to focus on, instead of going over and over whatever it is you’re feeling stressed about. You’ll be surprised at how much calmer and readier you feel to tackle your to do list when you come back to it after half an hour’s physical activity!

Reduce the Amount of Caffeine You Consume
When you think about it like it’s an equation, it makes a lot of sense. Like so:
Stress = Tiredness = Reaching for the caffeine = Increased heart rate = Increased feelings of stress and anxiety. And then the cycle continues.
So there you have it, relying on coffee to get you through the day isn’t helping you to be more productive, it’s just making you more stressed. A cup or two on a morning is okay to get your day started, but once you’re exceeding that and relying on it to get you through the day, that’s when it could start to play havoc with your stress levels. If you can, focus on rehydrating rather than fuelling up on caffeine based drinks. The more water you drink, the more naturally energised your body will begin to feel!

Write it All Down
Last, but certainly not least, when life feels overwhelming, why not try writing it all down?

We’re not necessarily talking about a “dear diary” sort of thing, but simply writing down all of the things you have to do, and the things that are worrying can help you see them for what they are – small things. Seeing it all physically written in front of you will make everything seem infinitely smaller than when it’s piling up in your brain. Even if you’re sceptical about this kind of stuff – it never hurts to give it a go! After all, you could be surprised at the results. 

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