Saturday, 12 October 2019

Our Kitchen Mini-Makeover with Studio

*AD - This post was written as part of my ongoing ambassadorship with Studio. All words and opinions are my own.

I feel like all I've heard lately is how sad everybody is to say goodbye to the summer, but not me! 

For me, the beginning of October is the beginning of my favourite 3 months of the year! October, November and December are the months I most look forward to as not only does the dreaded head finally go away (I'm not a fan!) but they're also host to the best 3 holidays of them all - Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas!

From the 1st of October onwards, I am firmly in Festive Planning Mode - to begin with it's all about our annual family Halloween bash, and when the last banger has exploded in the sky on Bonfire Night...I can finally turn my attention to Christmas! 

I love all of the planning that goes along with this time of year - from deciding which gifts to buy to sorting out our schedules and organising the house in time for the decorations to go up.

This year, I decided that the end of September was the perfect time to do a bit of sorting out at home in preparation for these next busy few months - and the one room I really wanted to focus on sorting out was the kitchen!

With two big parties to organise and cater for in the coming months, I wanted to get the kitchen organised. We've been browsing Kitchen Warehouse for some inspiration lately, and have decided we've eventually like to replace our kitchen doors but that won't be until early next year.

For now, we really needed to replace some of our appliances as we'd had them for years and they'd seen better days in all honesty.

And so, we gave the kitchen a bit of an overhaul!

Nothing too dramatic of course. We're renters after all and so big changes are not something we can do - instead I wanted to just try harder to make the best use of the space we have.

Our kitchen is absolutely tiny with hardly any counter space at all, which can be a bit of an issue on a daily basis but when it comes time to cater for a party it becomes a real pain in the neck - so I was delighted when I found these fantastic hob covers from Studio.

They not only enhance the overall aesthetic of the kitchen by covering the stainless steel hob, but they also provide a much needed additional work space for preparing food - they've already made all of the difference to our tiny kitchen space, and they are such a bargain at just £12.99 - especially considering they're such good quality too!

I'm a HUGE fan of the rose gold look that's on trend at the moment, and so when I saw this set of 5 canisters I was sold!

The set contains canisters for tea, coffee, sugar, biscuits and a really decent sized bread bin too which has plenty of space - we've been keeping 3 loaves at a time in it, and there's still lots of space for other things too.

The set is really good value for money, and I love the way they look in the kitchen.

I also spotted this gorgeous copper plated wine rack when I went to the Studio brand immersion day back in May and I absolutely had to have it! It has space to hold 6 bottles of wine (or gin in our case!) and is an absolute steal at under £12 - I think it looks so much more expensive!

In fact I think all of the Studio kitchen range offers fantastic value for money and looks far more expensive than it actually is. I did a poll on my stories a while back showcasing some of the products and asking where people thought it was from - the vast majority of people guessed they were from high end stores with large price tags!

The appliances we most needed to replace were our toaster and kettle, as we'd had both for quite a while and they were starting to look a bit tatty and become a bit temperamental too.

As we were getting a new toaster, we decided it was high time to upgrade from a 2 slice toaster to a 4 slice toaster and I wish we'd done this sooner - it's an absolute game changer when you have 3 children to be able to get all of their toast ready at once! 

This toaster has a defrost setting as well as a reheat option which has been really handy too, and you can set each side of the toaster to different settings if you want to as well - handy considering I like my toast very lightly done and Jon likes his charred!

As for the kettle, we went for this 1.7 litre capacity Rose Gold Kettle which looks super sleek and stylish and is the perfect match for the toaster.

All in all I'm really happy with how much brighter and tidier our kitchen looks after our mini makeover, and I'm looking forward to getting to work on some tasty holiday party treats in here very soon!

You can view the full kitchen range from Studio here

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