Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Christmas gift ideas for the man who has everything

Let’s be honest, men are difficult to buy for so Christmas can be a stressful time if we have a lot of men in our lives to buy ‘perfect’ presents for. The main problem is that they will almost always have bought everything for themselves anyway, so finding something genuinely original that they will not only love but won’t already own can be a nightmare. It’s also a nightmare we are forced to live with at least twice a year with Birthdays and Christmas come around.

Here, we’ve decided to offer a little helping hand and single out a few unique Christmas gifts that he probably won’t have bought for himself and will (most likely) be delisted to receive. Of course, not all men have the same interests, so this is all about offering a jumping-off point for your own ideas more than anything else. But when it comes to gift shopping in an era of Amazon Prime and unlimited content, you’re going to need all the help you can get.

A brand-new watch - Some men might go through watches like they go through toilet paper, but others are a little more pragmatic. If the man you’re buying for is the kind to keep a watch for years and years because it’s “perfectly fine” then why not surprise him with a gorgeous new Chapelle watch?

Experience days - There is the thought that our life is really just a collection of experiences, so why not give him one he’ll really remember this Christmas with the gift of an experience day? A bottle of his favourite whisky or the latest PlayStation game will only stay with him for a few weeks, but a day out driving a supercar or white water rafting is bound to stay with him forever.

Makers marvel - At one point or another in every man’s life they aspire to be a maker. Whether it’s finally fixing up the garage and making their own furniture or something as simple as brewing their own beer. Very few ever actually have the willpower to pull themselves together and actualise their dreams though. That’s why it’s up to you to buy them the gift that will kickstart their new creative hobby.

Indulge his inner child - He might not need any help with this, but he’ll always appreciate it. So, why not buy him a home arcade machine rigged with all the favourite games of his childhood? Or a virtual reality headset that can be enjoyed by the whole family? Better yet, why not indulge his childish side whilst giving him something useful? From robot lawn mowers that will quite literally mow your lawn for you without even a minor protest, to robotic vacuum cleaners, it’s the gift that will give him a legitimate excuse to avoid doing housework and that’s a gift he’ll truly relish. And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

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