Wednesday, 20 November 2019

How to take time out for recharging your batteries

In a world where we can be contacted 24/7, rely on technology daily, and find slowing down our thoughts almost impossible, taking time out to recharge the batteries plays an important role in modern day life ensuring we don’t burn out.
Taking time for yourself can come in many forms, the key is to do what you love, and do it regularly.

Read a book

Taking time out to read a book not only helps recharge your batteries as you escape reality for a few hours, it helps increase empathy and could even improve your social skills.
Make curling up for a few hours with a good book a regular habit and you’ll instantly feel recharged- whether you enjoy relaxing with the latest celebrity autobiography, or prefer a cosy crime novel from yesteryear.
If you don’t find enjoyment snuggled up with a good book, why not listen to a classic novel with an audiobook? Grab yourself some noise cancelling headphones, dim the lights and get transported to another world.

Go for a walk

Going for a walk in natural surroundings has been shown to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety and winter is the perfect time to start this habit so wrap up warm and head outside -ensure you’re clothing keeps you cosy and remember to wear sturdy boots to prevent slipping.
It doesn’t need to be a long or strenuous walk as the simple act of being surrounded by nature will instantly uplift your mood. You could even try your hand at foraging- perhaps for some sloe berries!

Take a day trip to the seaside

Sea-air has long been heralded as a miracle cure and taking a day trip to the seaside could be the perfect antidote to winter blues. The fresh-air combined with the calming sound on the waves will have you feeling relaxed and recharged in no time.
Make a day of it by taking the train- not only does travelling by train reduce the stress of driving, but you can sit back and relax as you watch the world go by. If you live in the north head to the atmospheric seaside town of Whitby and enjoy a day exploring the winding streets, or if you're in the south, why not take the train from Southampton to Portsmouth Harbour and discover the historic harbour town full of quaint cafes and beautiful buildings.
You'll be amazed by how invigorated you feel on your return home.

Run a luxurious bath

Take the time to have an indulgent bath, not only does taking a bath reduce blood pressure, but it can help you sleep too.
The perfect bath is all about the atmosphere too. Make sure you won’t be disturbed, turn down the lights and add scented candles, and don’t forget the bath oil.
A luxurious bath shouldn’t feel rushed, it’s a little bit of you time to help you feel refreshed and recharged.

Watch a film

Watching a film is the perfect way to recharge your batteries. Set some time aside on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon- put on some comfy loungewear, wrap up in a warm blanket, dim the lights and sit back and relax.
Whether you choose to watch a childhood favourite, a laugh out loud comedy, or even a classic romantic drama, there’s no better way to while away a few hours, you’ll feel both physically and mentally recharged after.
Why not make a trip to the cinema a monthly treat? You’ll start reaping the benefits of this modern therapy method in no time.

However you decide to take time for yourself, it’s important to remember self-care isn’t selfish, and everyone needs to recharge their batteries once in a while.

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