Friday, 22 November 2019

My Favourite Personalised Items From Studio For Christmas

*This post is part of my ongoing ambassadorship with Studio and is therefore an advertisement. All words and opinions are my own.

With Christmas now just a month away (EEEK!) I thought I'd share with you some items from a retailer I've been working with a lot this year - Studio.

I was absolutely delighted when I was asked to be an ambassador for Studio as I had been a genuine customer of theirs for many years - with the vast majority of my purchases being made at Christmas time. The reason for that being that not only do Studio offer truly rock bottom prices that I still find myself regularly shocked by - but they also fantastic quality and an incredible range of personalised goods too.

I first discovered Studio 10 years ago, when my niece was 2 years old - it was the first Christmas that she was aware of what was going on, having been just a couple of months old the previous year - and so I wanted to get her a really special gift.

Something that she would love but that would also be a bit of a keepsake, something to be looked after and treasured for years to come.

And I found that gift from Studio - it was a beautiful, traditional wooden dolls house complete with wooden doll family, furniture and much to my delight - it was personalised!

My nieces name is Amelie which was quite unusual 10 years ago, and so it wasn't often that you'd come across anything personalised for her - so to be able to have her name added to the dolls house felt like a really special touch. I could barely believe that such a beautiful and personalised gift was so inexpensive - and on Christmas Day little Amelie was delighted! Infact that dolls house is still sitting in her bedroom today...still in perfect condition.

So this year, I decided to re-purchase that gift - this time for my own child. I knew that Noah would just adore it - and although some little changes have been made to it over the years, it's still that charming wooden dolls house that I remember - complete with furniture, dolls and Noah's name on the front door.

It is honestly one of the most stunning, timeless and special gifts I can think of - and can you believe that you can buy this house with personalisation included for just £34.99 right now?!

Take a look for yourself here

And it's not only dolls houses that Studio offer - they have a HUGE selection of items which can be personalised, making ideal Christmas gifts for everyone from your little one to your Gran with everything from personalised pencils to personalised christmas decorations on offer.

Here's a little look at some of my own favourite personalised items from Studio which I think make incredible Christmas gifts.

This gorgeous rose gold personalised necklace makes a really stunning and special gift, and is what that same niece of mine will be receiving from me this year!  There's some really pretty detailing on the chain and I know that she will love the rose gold effect which is really on trend right now - for under £15 I think it's such a bargain.

Studio have hundreds of options available when it comes to personalised necklaces and other jewellery, including a gorgeous selection of personalised Family name pendants that I have my eye on!

One thing I hadn't realised that Studio offer is a range of personalised Christmas cards - I thought I'd give these a go and honestly, given the incredibly low price I really wasn't expecting much from the quality of them but I was SO pleasantly surprised and just wish I'd discovered them years ago!

They are just as good as anything you'd buy in the shops, but with the added bonus of being personalised both on the front of the card and inside too - meaning that writing out Christmas cards this year will be a breeze!

There are a couple of different quantity and design options available, I chose the pack of 20 which was an incredible £4.99 - they come with envelopes too!

And finally, when I spotted Studio's range of personalised Childrens bedding - I just had to treat the little ones as I know that we'll use these for many years to come!

There are numerous designs available, and the quality is fantastic - I chose a different design for each of the children as you can see below, and each and every of them is just adorable.

Can you believe these bedding sets start from just £7.99 including personalisation?!

And if Christmas bedding isn't your thing, don't worry - there is a huge range of non-festive personalised childrens bedding available including Fortnite and Disney Frozen 2 options!

So that's my pick of Studio's personalised Christmas gifting ideas but don't just take my word for it - there are truly hundreds of amazing personalised items available at Studio at unbelievably low prices, be sure to head over and have a browse for yourself today at

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