Friday, 15 November 2019

Siblings In Autumn 2019

I can't believe how fast this year has gone and that we're already nearing the end of November - it feels like Christmas was only a few months ago yet we are again! I'm already in the midst of getting everything prepped and planned as I like to have everything done before December 1st if possible so that I actually get to relax and enjoy the festivities that December brings.

I'm so looking forward to December with my tribe this year - I feel as though Christmas becomes a bit more magical every year as they get older and their excitement and understanding of it all grows.

This time of year is my absolute favourite - beginning with October, all the way through to the start of January. I know that the rain and the darker days can be a bit tricky, but when we do get those lovely sunny autumn days - it's just magical and the world never looks more beautiful to me than when the leaves are turning those beautiful shades of orange and red.

Throughout October and November, we've gradually transitioned into "Cold Weather Mode" and started to hibernate a little more - having less of our usual days out and trips to the seaside, and more snuggly days at home.

All 3 of the children love to have days in - they ask for "pyjama days" often, where they keep their PJs on all day, fill the living room with toys and then occasionally climb under a blanket on the sofa for a snuggle and to watch a movie. They're my favourite sorts of days too, and we've enjoyed lots of them so far.

The children's relationships with each other seem to change almost daily at the moment - on days out they'll usually stick together as a trio, rarely will one break away from the pack unless there are other children involved - in which case Tyne likes to stick to his friends whereas Sailor & Noah always stay together, incorporating others into their games but never breaking apart!

Tyne & Noah have the most complicated relationship out of all of the children - they are either best friends or sworn enemies. It's always been this way with them and I don't see it changing any time soon!

They fight like cat and dog, they each give as good as they get and they do often get quite physical with each other which - although I'm really not a fan of - I can't deny that this wasn't the case for my sister and I when we were kids too so it doesn't really surprise me! Jon always finds it more shocking as he insists that he and his brother never hit each other - perhaps its linked to closer age gaps? There was 4 years between Jon & his brother, but only 2 years between my sister & I - the same as the gap between Noah & Tyne.

They certainly know exactly how to push each others buttons, and Noah really seems to get a kick out of winding Tyne up - actively plotting to steal the pennies from his piggy bank, steal his drinks when he's not looking and so on. But Tyne gives it back - often stealing her dessert if she looks away, which of course starts world war 3!!

But occasionally - magic happens, and I'll find them playing nicely together - I live for those moments!

As much as they bicker though, they're affectionate with each other occasionally too and they stand up for each other fiercely.

The closest relationship is and has always been between Noah & Sailor - their 10 month age gap really seems to have contributed to a great friendship, and they're just never without each other.

Noah won't go anywhere without checking that Sailor is right behind her - she's even taking to asking him to go to the bathroom with her lately!! And he happily obliges and sticks by her side at all times.

Although Sailor prefers to play things like Pirates and Dinosaurs, Noah isn't keen and so Sailor accommodates her choice of playing dollies and dress up - joining in happily.

They're often to be found snuggled up together on the sofa sharing an iPad to watch YouTube kids, and lately they've taken to sneaking through to each other beds at night too!

As for Sailor & Tyne - although you wouldn't think it from the grumpy-faced photo above, they actually get on much better these days.

Tyne has always loved Sailor and thought of him as adorable, but Sailor was always much less keen on his big brother for some reason - but now that he's older and more interested in playing Pirates and Soldiers, he seeks him out to play with more often and they have great fun together. It's lovely to see their bond start to grow!

As for how they're each doing - Tyne is really thriving with his home ed lately. His writing, reading and maths are right on target for his age and although he's often reluctant to do written work - he really enjoys hands on learning and his keen interest in history hasn't waned.

His personality is really starting to develop now, and I love sitting and just having chats with him - hearing his point of view on things, and watching him try to work out and solve moral dilemmas. Every evening lately he asks if he can watch an episode of "Kids Meet" on Facebook Watch - a series where children interview all manner of people from society, from homicide detectives and opera singers, to little people and people with terminal diseases.
 He finds it absolutely fascinating and I'm always so intrigued to hear the insightful questions he comes out with and listen as he forms his own opinion on what's been discussed.

As for Noah - she would have been due to have started school 2 months ago if we weren't home educating, but as she wouldn't be compulsory school age until the Easter term next year we're taking a very slow approach to getting her started with any planned "work".

She uses some educational apps to introduce phonics and early reading skills, and we do a few little counting and addition work sheets occasionally but mostly our approach with her is child led and play focused - she's very articulate and insightful, and I have no doubt that she will thrive when the time is right to introduce more formal work.

She's such a happy, bubbly child - full of attitude and sass, but full of charm and wit too. She loves to perform and has taken to putting on shows in the living room - full of songs she's made up, intricate story lines and - of course - numerous dramatic costume changes! She certainly has a flare for fashion.

And then there's Sailor - my happy go lucky little ball of joy! He's been the smiliest soul and easiest child to look after ever since he was born, and he's no different now.

He's such a little character - always dressed in a pirate costume, and usually pulling a funny face! He loves cuddles, and - although you wouldn't expect it given how sunny his personality is - he's a little goth in the making! His favourite colour is black, he regularly demands to ONLY wear black clothes, he says that he "hates rainbows coz they're stupid" and he's asked for a toy coffin for Christmas!!!

Like I said...he's a character!

So that's a little update on how the children have been getting on. Now to look forward to a lovely Christmas together!

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