Friday, 10 January 2020

10 Items You Should Always Have in Your Baby’s Bag

Babies are naturally needy, and there’s no limit to the number of things you’ll need to include in a diaper bag when going anywhere with them. It’s not your fault if you ever look in yours and not find what you need at the moment; there’s no way of fully knowing what your baby will need at any given time. The best you can do is pack up what you KNOW your baby will need. Here’s a list of some of the items you should include in your baby bag to avoid spontaneous shopping trips:


This is quite the reason why it's called a nappy bag. Going anywhere with a baby without diapers or nappies for a change will be entirely pointless, and you will most certainly regret it. A diaper change is necessary as soon as you realize that the baby has soiled the one they have on. Waiting any longer means exposing the baby not just to discomfort but also to the risk of getting painful rashes.


Your wallet may hardly seem a necessity when packing your baby bag. Believe it or not, you will probably need it almost as much as you will need to do a diaper change. Unless your trip is really short, you may need to pop into a store and get something, probably because you forgot to pack it or you didn't have it at the house. It could also be an emergency. Make sure all the cards and cash you need is in there, and that it can be accessed quickly. Most moms prefer to keep their wallets in a separate bag. You are looking to minimize your luggage, put yours in the diaper bag where it is safe and easy to retrieve.


You don't have to be a mom to know that babies are really messy. They may not move much (when you are travelling), but they can make a real mess out of anything they put their hands on, especially food or drinks. They can also do a great deal of belching and even throw up. Also, they can mess their clothes if the diaper is not put on correctly, or if it moves too much. All these possible circumstances make it absolutely necessary to carry extra baby clothes. That’s unless, of course, you don’t mind stopping over at the nearest baby store for some spontaneous shopping.


Babies are generally very delicate, and they are bound to get sick quite easily if not handled with utmost hygiene. Their skin is particularly fragile and should never be exposed to dirty or unhygienic conditions. This is why you should always carry some sanitizer with you.


Some babies (bless their mothers) will actually be calm enough to sit through an entire drive and be quiet with absolutely no fussing. If this is not your baby, you might want to pack up a couple of toys in your diaper bag. Toys not only keep them occupied but also help them develop crucial motor and gross skills as you focus on the wheels or something else. Make sure that your baby's toys hold their interest without posing any danger to them.


These are important for removing stains, wiping messes as well as disinfecting toys, surfaces and the baby's skin. Wipes are essential when changing the baby's diaper to help clean the mess and remove the smell of poop. They are useful in cleaning any stains on the baby's clothes, their car seat and basically every surface they come in contact with. Wipes with disinfectant are particularly crucial for cleaning the baby's toys and anything else they toss in the dirt that will probably find its way into their mouth. They are practically indispensable.


The selection of snacks to include in your diaper bag will depend on your baby’s age. If they are breastfeeding, the most you can do is carry some fresh breastmilk or formula milk in a baby bottle. You can also pack some fruit juice and even gripe water for them. Older babies, especially those who are weaning, will need a larger variety of soft snacks. Remember that a hungry baby is a fussy baby and there’s only so much peace of mind you can get to stay sane enough to find a good food store.


A baby bottle is essential if you are planning to feed your baby any other liquid apart from breast milk. It could be useful if you have packed some milk, water or juice for them. When doing so, make sure that the nipple of the bottle is soft, fits in the baby's mouth, has a reasonably sized hole and is, most importantly, clean. It should also be bought from a trusted manufacturer to avoid exposing the baby to the danger of intoxication or choking by small parts.


This will help prevent the baby from catching a cold or getting sick if there’s a change in the weather or even a draft in the car. It should be soft, made with smooth material that the baby is not allergic to. It should also allow enough aeration to regulate temperatures so that the baby does not overheat.


Pacifiers are great comforters and are well known for their ability to soothe a baby and put them to sleep. If your fussy baby settles when given a pacifier, then you should remember to pack one. If not, find an alternative comforter such as a favourite toy. Remember to keep your baby's pacifier or comforter clean at all times as it will probably find its way into their mouth.

In conclusion, these are just some of the things that you should always have in your baby's diaper bag, especially when you are travelling far. Remember, however, that every baby has different needs. Only you know precisely what they will need, so make sure you have it when they do.

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