Monday, 9 December 2019

Book Tour!! Introducing Life Is Yours - an inspiring and heart warming debut novel.

Well it's not often you get to write a book review for one of your very own friends is it?! But that's exactly what I'm doing today!
My lovely friend Abi Yardimci - mindfullness practitioner extraordinaire  - recently released her debut novel, and today we're the next stop on her Blog Book Tour.
I had the pleasure of reading Life Is Yours when it was in its unedited manuscript version - I read it at night time on my phone, zoomed in on tiny text and struggling to keep track of the pages - but still, I couldn't put it down until I'd devoured the entire thing.
Life Is Yours is the first in a trilogy of books following a young woman named Jess on her journey of self-discovery following an unexpected heartbreak when her long term relationship suddenly ends without warning. 
Told through a series of conversations with a new friend on a beach, and through Jess' journal entries - Life Is Yours is a quirky yet easy read, and one that's guaranteed to tug at your heart strings as Jess fumbles her way through heart break and breathe fresh hope into you as she discovers a new way of life.
The book is a mix of real-life inspired fiction and self-help, with many of Jess's realisations providing inspiration and encouragement for us readers.
The only downside of the book is that it leaves you keen to know what happens next, which - of course - we have to wait until the second installment to find out. But the two chapter sneak peek at the end whets the appetite nicely.
Life Is Yours is a relatable and realistic read which will uplift and inspire you, and is surely one not to miss.
You can (and should!) treat yourself to a special signed copy here in Abi's fabulous online shop.
Meanwhile, don't forget to check out the other bloggers involved in this tour too and read what they had to say about Life Is Yours.

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