Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Getting Our Home Christmas Ready With Studio

*This post was written as part of my ambassadorship with Studio and is therefore an advert.

Christmas is without doubt my absolute favourite time of year, and since my little ones came along - I LOVE the excuse to really go all out and get the house fully kitted out for the season.

I can't say I've ever really been one for tasteful, elegant decor in the past - in fact I still have quite a soft spot for the tacky and OTT decorations if I'm honest, but this year I fancied trying something a bit different.

We've recently had our living room re-painted grey and got a new light green sofa, so I'd been contemplating whether it might be time to give up my usual brightly coloured Disney-themed Christmas tree and associated decor in favour of something a bit more in keeping with the colour palette of the room.

Then a few nights ago, Jon managed to fall out of the loft when he was getting the decorations down. Don't worry, he's fine (although a bit bruised!)...but unfortunately my beloved Tinkerbell Tree Topper is not! He landed right on top of her and smashed her to pieces.

Tink was the key feature of my Disney tree and so, without her, the decision was made for me - time for a new tree theme!

And so I decided to go for a rose gold/copper colour combo for our decorations this year - with a touch of traditional Christmas red thrown in by way of the Christmas stockings!

Although it's a big change from our usual multi-coloured offering - I do love our tree this year, and I've already spent many a happy evening sipping on a hot chocolate in the dark and watching it's twinkling lights. My favourite way to spend a December evening!

To finish off the rose gold theme, we popped this gorgeous decorated pre-lit garland from Studio's fantastic range of Christmas decorations above the fireplace and I think it really completes the look.

I love that it came with baubles and decorative bits already attached as it made things so much easier, and the pre-lit element is always a positive too - it's lovely and full-looking, I'm really happy with it! And can you believe they only cost £9.99?!

I thought it was also worth investing in some new festive tableware to go with our new living room decor too, and got this lovely Gold Poinsettia set which includes a sparkly gold tablecloth, embroidered runner,  matching gold linen placemats and matching embroidered napkins too.

I've had my eye on these lovely copper wine glasses for a long time, and thought they'd make a lovely addition to our Christmas table this year - I think they're just so pretty. I've got my eye on this lovely copper cutlery set to complete the look!

I'll also be using our lovely star-shaped serving dishes for our Christmas dinner too - I got these from Studio a couple of months back and they're just perfect for a festive table!

I spotted this Christmas patterned dinner set when browsing Studio's Christmas Shop and just fell in love with it.

It comes with 6 dinner plates, 6 side plates and 6 bowls which is really handy for a family of five like us as these sorts of sets often only come in 4s.

The holly and ivy print with red trim is just SO festive, and I love the idea of using these for years to come - I think little traditions like using a particular set are lovely memories for the children as they get older.

So I think that's us all ready for Christmas now - how about you?!

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