Wednesday, 18 December 2019

My Trick For Finding The Best Festive Deals

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If there's one thing I hate, it's paying full price.

Ever since I first moved out and started to learn how to budget for myself, I have been really into money saving. I love seeking out the best prices for items I want to buy, and I pride myself on always finding the most cost-effective way to do things.

Whether it's bulk buying baked beans, or using price comparison websites for my energy bills - I'm all about doing whatever I can to save some money. As my grandma used to say - if you look after the pennies, the pounds look after themselves!

So a few months ago, when our TV broke and we weren't able to get it repaired - I was not happy! I hate having to buy something without time to find the best deals or really research my purchase, and so I decided that we'd borrow a spare tv from a family member to tide us over until the next opportunity to grab a bargain.

And what better time to get a new TV than in the run up to Christmas!

The only problem is that with so many deals on offer from so many different retailers during events like Christmas and the New Years sales, it can become bit overwhelming to try and figure out which is the best offer for you.

That's where I find hotukdeals so very handy!

Their user friendly website allows you to search for deals quickly and easily - either by typing in a keyword or choosing a category from the menu.

You can then scroll through a list of available deals and see at a glance exactly what is on offer, where from, and what extras and incentives to buy are included.

It's completely free to use, but it really does make such a difference when it comes to finding the best offer.

I scrolled through a good 4 or 5 pages of TV deals before I found the perfect one for us - a 43" flat screen with all of the features we wanted, for within our £300 budget - infact it was just £229 including Next day delivery - ideal!

You then simply click on "Get Deal" and make your purchase as normal through the retailers own website.

My lovely new TV arrived next day - so quick and simple, and I'm so pleased with the money I saved! 

At this time of year, there are SO many amazing bargains to be had – whether its savings on Christmas gifts and toys, or huge deals on bigger ticket items like new sofas delivered in time for Christmas – there are some incredible deals listed and I never make a purchase without checking the hotukdeals website for deals first! 

I’ve been after a bigger sofa for a while now, and there are some fantastic offers listed already. Why pay any more than you have to?!

To browse the deals currently on offer, go to

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