Thursday, 20 February 2020

Baby’s First Crochet Blanket: Three Things to Consider

A custom crochet blanket can add loads of comfort to your baby’s life and deepen your parental bond in the process. It’s incredibly rewarding to create one from scratch and enjoy how their relationship with it evolves over time from practical necessity to treasured companion. You’ll also be able to kick back and destress as you work on it. As far as pastimes go, crochet is as relaxing as it gets.
Picture the blanket and take notes of what you see. Trust your judgement and let this germ of an idea take you somewhere unexpected. Your baby may not be able to describe an ideal blanket, but you know better than anyone else what the little one likes or doesn’t like. With that in mind, here are three facets of the creative process for you to think about.


The blanket’s design should fit your skillset as well as your baby’s burgeoning personality. One easy way to achieve this is by sticking to a classic crochet pattern for beginners, like chequers or stripes, and pairing it with your baby’s favourite colours.
You might also try an intermediate flower or cabled pattern that calls for more elaborate stitches than the single crochet. More on this later on.


There are many varieties of soft yarn for baby blankets available on the market. The best ones are machine washable and dryable to fit babies’ unending curiosity and have been scientifically tested to not irritate their delicate skin.
In terms of feel, you’ll want to go for a super bulky yarn for maximum comfort. That way, the blanket will be extra soft to the touch. If it’s chenille-style, all the better, to give it that warm and fuzzy feeling we all love on a cold winter’s day.
That being said, the thicker the yarn, the more difficult it will be to add intricate designs. Stick to double knit yarn or thinner for detailed work that looks crisp and keeps its shape over time. The key is to find the perfect balance between your skills and your baby’s needs.


Take some time to look up online tutorials by fellow crochet fanatics who have embarked on similar projects before. They are happy to share their skills and help a novice out.
You might start by getting used to looping yarn over your hooks into a single crochet. This creates chains of fabric that will eventually turn into rows, which will eventually become a comfy blanket for your little one to snuggle up to.
If you’re feeling especially bold, you can give double or triple crocheting a try. These techniques produce taller stitches that give your project a raised pattern, which is commonly referred to as being ‘in relief’. If you have a family crest, or there’s a certain cartoon character baby lights up for, why not give it a try?
Focus on enjoying the process and don’t worry about being perfect. Because the blanket is from you, their dear parent, they will love it no matter what. Be proud of yourself and the initiative you’ve taken and let the snuggles begin.

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