Tuesday, 18 February 2020

The Best Footwear For Theme Parks

With our Disney World trip coming up later this year, I've been trying my best to get everything organised in plenty of time - I'm so determined to ensure that this trip runs as smoothly as possible and so I've been researching everything from fastpass strategies to weather predictions!

One thing that is spoken about often on the many Disney forums I'm a member of is the importance of having the right footwear!

Most people say that you'll walk a minimum of 10,000 steps per day at Disney World on the average day - and most likely a lot more than that! So you want to be sure that you're wearing comfortable, supportive footwear.

We do a lot of walking whenever we visit Disneyland Paris and I know that I always suffer with leg and foot pain afterwards, so given how much smaller that park is and how much my health conditions have become since then - I'm a little concerned! Luckily for me, there are tons of helpful posts from regular Disney World travellers online to point me in the direction of the best possible footwear!

Here are the ones I've found recommended most often, and the styles I'm planning on going with. All of the shoes below are from https://www.spartoo.co.uk/ who offer fantastic prices.

Skechers Go Walk come out on top of the recommendation list every single time, and having tried some on recently - I can see why! They're super light weight and breathable, but with lots of much-needed support too - and I love that they come in a range of colours!

I have my eye on these ones.

I also really like these ones, and they're a bargain as they're on sale for just £32.95 right now

Another shoe that I often see recommended is one that I always swore I'd never wear - the dreaded Crocs! I know, I know...some people swear by them and insist they're the most comfortable shoe ever but I can't help thinking they're hideous!

However, the style of Crocs that most Disney fans recommend for the parks is actually their Flip flop range - and browsing the collection online I'm pleasantly surprised by the look of them. They don't look any different from regular flip flops, so maybe I'll give these Crocs a go after all?!

I also quite like this style, which I think would be easier on my feet than the other style.

As for footwear for the kids, I'm leaning toward Converse as they all love that style of shoe and it should be pretty comfortable for them and light enough for the hot weather.

I know the boys would love these Dinosaur print ones!

As for Noah, she is always telling me that hot pink is her favourite colour and she loves anything with a bit of sparkle - so these would be right up her street!

If you've been to Disney World before, what sort of footwear would you recommend? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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