Thursday, 27 February 2020

Tips to Becoming Environmentally Friendly at Work

If you are a business owner, it is important to look at how your company could be operating in a more environmentally friendly way. We all have a responsibility to change how we operate in order to reduce our impact on climate change. There are many easy strategies, from recycling and lowering emissions, to promoting energy efficient policies within the workplace.

Read on to learn some very easy strategies for running an environmentally friendly business…


Every business in the UK is legally obliged to manage their waste responsibly. A really simple way to help your company become more environmentally friendly is by adding recycling bins around the office. This will help your team to easily recycle their paper and plastic and help with the waste collection at the end of the week.

If you are replacing any electronic items, it is a good idea to look into how your old models can be recycled. This goes for toner cartridges too. Millions of printer cartridges are thrown away every year instead of being recycled.


Paper use is still a major cause of concern for many businesses. Thoughtful paper use is an easy practice and should always be incorporated into a company’s environmental policy. You can also make some effective printing changes within your workplace, such as encouraging digital copies instead of print-outs, printing double-sided, using energy -efficient printers and recycled paper. As an extra step, you could add a pop-up message to the display panel of your printer, to encourage staff to be mindful of their paper use.


More and more businesses are embracing renewable energy as an alternative source of electricity. For example, solar power and water power can create electricity in a way that will not only help the environment, but can also help to reduce your company’s energy bills. This is definitely an area worth investigating.


Try to encourage your staff to ride a bike or walk to work. You could hold regular environmental awareness days to help spread this message. Inspire staff to pursue healthier and more environmentally friendly forms of transport to help reduce pollution, as well reduce their travel expenses. You can also support ‘work from home days’, or suggest car sharing groups for staff members travelling from the same areas.

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