Wednesday, 18 March 2020

5 Amazing Benefits of Arts & Crafts To Children

We’re in an age where technology plays a big role in most activities – for adults and children, alike. Technology is undeniably beneficial, as it makes things easier and faster. However, physical activities, like arts and crafts, need to be done to aid children’s growth and development.

From the age of 3 – 8, experts say it is an essential way to help them grow and develop. Children learn through being active, being creative and through multi-sensory interaction with the world around them. Therefore, children engaging in art and creative activities help to develop and refine their skills continually.

Aside how proud your child will feel after making something by his or her hands, there are different benefits of arts and crafts. Here are five 5 amazing ones.

1.       Improving motor skills

Manipulation of items to create something will help kids improve the use of their fingers. Cutting, moulding, drawing and the use of both hands are ways that help improve their motor skills and bilateral coordination. In the long run, these skills develop, giving room for the children to learn how to do other things that involve the hands such as eating, bathing themselves etc.

2.       Socializing

The importance of socializing cannot be overemphasized among kids. Arts and crafts create a common ground for kids with like minds to interact. Kids are naturally curious, and this makes them open to learning and trying new things. The common activities with other kids help create friendships – learning to make new friends and looking forward to seeing the old ones.

3.       Bonding with parents

Children love to be around their parents, so what better way for parents to stay with them than doing some arts and crafts! Not all kids may be excited about getting their hands dirty at first. So, it may take some conviction that involves parents sitting down and participating in some activities with them. This builds trust and creates moments of bonding and connection between the kids and their parents.

4.       Creativity

The freedom of allowing the children to use their hands to create new items sparks their creativity. It makes them think differently, develop their innovative skills and learn how to be resourceful. The child’s ability to solve the problems they encounter while taking up a project work promotes creativity.

5.       Boost self-esteem

In addition to arts and crafts helping the children express themselves, it gives them a sense of achievement. It allows kids to express emotions, including the hidden ones, especially in introverts as all that energy can be channelized into positive endeavours to give a sense of achievement to the kids. Children tend to learn that it’s okay to make mistakes as well as the need to work hard to gain specific results.

Finally, arts and crafts provide an avenue for your children to express themselves as well as harness skills that you may not necessarily have noticed otherwise.

If you’re wondering how to start, buying a few materials is the first step. You can purchase quality materials from theworks, then try out DIY activities. If you’re already an old-timer, here’s to more crafting!

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