Monday, 9 March 2020

Discover 6 ways to eliminate the smell of cigarettes from your home

Whether you live with a smoker, or you've decided to take the first step towards quitting for good, one of the most common complaints smokers and those who live with smokers express, is how the smell of smoke ruins the ambiance of their homes.

No one enjoys the smell of stale smoke, especially when it's ingrained into your soft furnishings and your clothes. So, instead of covering up the smell with scented candles and body sprays it's much better to try and eliminate these smells completely. If you want to find out more, read on for 6 ways to eliminate the smell of cigarettes from your home.

Switch to a different product

Maybe you’re hoping to quit or you’re not quite there yet, many smokers enjoy vaping just as much as they do smoking traditional cigarettes - discover a vape starter kit here -  the main difference here, is that you can enjoy nicotine without producing chemical-filled, acrid smoke and therefore enjoy a smoke-free home, and no bad odours!

Bring nature indoors
You’d be forgiven for believing that house plants were there to simply look good and fill the empty corners of our homes. However, house plants actually have many other qualities that are ideal for those looking to banish bad odours from their home. Most house plants absorb bad air in the home and others can actually absorb the chemicals found in cigarette smoke, making the air around you safer, cleaner and fresher. Do a little research to find the house plant that will work best for you.

Create a designated smoking area

No one wants their house to stink of cigarettes, it’s wholly unpleasant and it ruins soft furnishings and the ambiance of your home. So, instead of letting the smokers in your home have free reign over where they light up, designate a specific smoking area that won’t affect the rest of your property. This could be outside in a sheltered area, or in an outbuilding, shed, or simply in the garden. Provide seating, shelter and somewhere to safe to extinguish cigarettes.

Clean your vents and air ducts

Your vents and air ducts attract dust and grime, they’ll also attract ash and the odour of cigarettes. Give your vents and ducts a good cleaning to remove the dirt and grime and you’ll notice a difference.

Vinegar is your friend

Your hard surfaces such as kitchen counters, hard floors, mantlepieces, shelves and walls etc may have the smell of smoke ingrained into them. If this is the case, then create a vinegar solution and clean all your hard surfaces thoroughly. This chemical-free concoction is safe and gets great results by dissolving the greasy residue that cigarette smoke leaves behind.

Give your fabrics some TLC

Cushion covers, sofas, carpets and bed linen - all of these soft fabrics absorb the bad smell and can leave the smell of smoke lingering for potentially years to come. Check the washing instructions and get everything cleaned!

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