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Liverpool's Hidden Gems: My Top Picks For Places To Visit On A Trip To Liverpool

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As much as my family & I love going on holidays abroad, there is something so appealing about little UK getaways.
 I love being able to pile whatever we want into the car without worrying about baggage allowances, and know that the children will most likely sleep for a good chunk of the journey undisturbed! (fingers crossed!)

Last year we managed to fit in trips to London, Oxford and Wales with a few visits to my home city of Liverpool as well. I'm hoping that this year we'll be able to tick a few more places off our UK bucket list, but after finding some good deals for really nice hotels in Liverpool - I think we'll be starting there as, for us, it has the added benefit of built in babysitters in the form of my parents - meaning that the kids can stay with them while Jon & I have a night off in a fancy hotel. I've got my eye on a stay at 30 James Street - a must for any Titanic enthusiasts as the hotel is themed on the ship and is even based at the former White Star Line Headquarters, it's rumoured to be one of the most haunted spots in the city!

Although I'm biased, I firmly believe that Liverpool is a city with something to offer everybody. It's packed full of amazing restaurants, fantastic nightlife, tons of great shopping destinations and there is so much to do for families too.

I'm going to share a handful of what I believe are the best Hidden Gems the city has to offer!

1) The Albert Dock

Now this might not seem like a particularly "Hidden" gem at all, infact its one of the most well-known destinations in the city but I don't think many outsiders realise just how much the Albert Dock has to offer tourists.

It's home to lots of souvenir shops and trendy bars, as well the famous Beatles Story museum but there is so much more to see and do at the Docks - it's currently home to a massive inflatable on-water assault course which looks like something straight out of Total Wipeout! Even if you don't fancy getting wet, it's loads of fun to just stand and watch everybody taking part!

Then there's the Tate Art Gallery along with plenty of modern and traditional art installations and sculptures dotted around which make for some lovely photo spots and some interesting educational walks for kids too.

And when you get peckish, you're well taken care of here - there are tons of lovely restaurants to choose from with many offering Liverpool's signature dish, Scouse! You just can't visit the city without giving it a try.
Our own favourite restaurant here is Smugglers Cove - a pirate themed venue with meals served in barrels, the kids love it and the food quality is great! I highly recommend the hanging kebabs.

2) The Baltic Market

One of my favourite places to visit is always the Baltic Market. It's a trendy and very instagrammable warehouse-converted to a dining hall and bar, which features pop up street food style stalls from some of the best restaurants across the city.

The traders change each month, but there is always plenty to tickle your taste buds. The food often reminds me of the kind of thing you're likely to see on American food shows, things like barbecue brisket and fried chicken feature heavily alongside some more exotic cuisine.

Last time we visited I got to try the Halloumi Shawarma Kebab, and honestly? It was one of the best things I've ever tasted!

The area itself is very trendy too with lots of cool things on offer such as Ghetto Golf. It's just around the corner from The Wings - Liverpool's best loved piece of street art.

The Wings have quickly become a firm favourite of Instagrammers across the city - and they even attract visitors from afar too!

My own favourite part of the wings is the dedication to the women of the city that artist Paul Curtis put next to them..."For all Liverpool's Liver Birds".

3) The Maritime Museum's Titanic Exhibition

The Maritime museum is based at the Albert Dock but my family and I enjoy it so much that I had to include it separately.
 Liverpool is a must-see destination for any Titanic enthusiast as the city is where the ship was registered, and many of its crew hailed from within the city - including it's Captain, Edward J Smith. (He wasn't born in the city, but spent most of his life there and considered it home).

The Maritime Museum's exhibition on the Titanic and it's history with Liverpool is really informative, but also very interactive and fun for children too. They love getting to try out the dress up costumes - ranging from traditional crew outfits to lifejackets of the time. It's always on our must-visit list and, best of all, it's totally free!

4) Imagine That!

This is a place I always struggle to explain as I never quite know what to call it - it's not quite a soft play and it's not quite a science museum, but it's somewhere in between. I suppose it's a play centre with an educational side?!

It used to be based in the city centre but moved out of town a few years ago. It has a huge section for role play activities - with its own little pizza shop, hair salon, vet clinic, supermarket and diner for the children to play in to name just a few as well as a huge selection of dress up costumes and a little stage area for the children to put on shows (mine love this part!).

It also has a massive science area where children can try out the various experiments on offer, and can even join in with some hands-on live experiments in the lab too.

They also offer regular Make & Take craft sessions throughout the day, which are included in the entry price too.

And, my own favourite part, there's even a REAL CAR that the children can paint!

The kids love it here, and there's enough to keep them entertained for the entire day!

I hope you found these recommendations useful if you're planning a trip to Liverpool soon, and if you're really should! You won't be sorry.

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