Thursday, 5 March 2020

Tips on creating the perfect snooker games room

So, either you, your kids or your other half are dreaming about a snooker games room. Perhaps you all think it would be a good idea for some good quality family time – I think so too! But now that you’ve decided to go through with it, you’re not sure where to start. You’ve got too many ideas and maybe a not so large budget, don’t worry! I’ve put together some tips on how to create the perfect snooker games room.

Always plan ahead.

The most important part of any project is the planning. From planning the room design to organising your thoughts on which game tables to choose, having a proper plan thought out will ensure your snooker games room transformation will go as smoothly as possible.

This article on Lindy Loves highlights the importance of planning when upgrading a standard room to a games room, by saying how important it is “to do your research, from researching colours, lighting, games, anything that you’d like to add to the room.”

Think about the games.

A snooker table is, of course, the centrepiece of your room, so it has to be something special. There are many snooker tables to choose from that it can get quite overwhelming to choose the right one. For a high-quality and bespoke snooker table I’d go to Hamilton Billiards. They are a local business dedicated to creating stunning snooker table masterpieces to fit any games room – view snooker table prices at Hamilton Billiards today.

You should also consider other games which could be a hit with your family. I’d recommend traditional games, such as foosball or air hockey or perhaps more modern games, such as arcade video games or video game consoles.

Have fun decorating.

Bring the whole family together to decorate your games room. It’s important to make everyone in the family part of the process, after all, it’s for everyone to enjoy. If you need some more inspiration, check out this article about game room ideas on Home Edit.

How are you going to decorate your own family games room?

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