Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Types of outdoor structures for your home

With Spring comes the longer and, hopefully, warmer days, crowds of daffodils and tulips brightening up gardens and many other good things (yes… Spring is also a synonym of allergies and rain showers, but let’s try to be positive!). This season is the perfect time to start thinking about updating your garden and getting it ready for Summer and all its glory.

But how to update your garden? You might be asking. With an outdoor structure, of course. From pergolas to glass roofs structures, there are many ways to transform yourgarden and to give it that special something it’s craving. I’ve put together a list of various types of traditional and modern outdoors structures you can add to your outdoors as a standalone structure or as an extension to our living area.

Traditional outdoor structures.

Garden Arbours.

Also known as garden arches, these are used to embellish a pathway within gardens or as frames to decorate a garden entry or exit. As this article on The Spruce explains, garden arbours are “traditionally used to hold up grapevines”, making them perfect for decorating your garden.


Traditional pergolas are freestanding or standalone structures with a lattice roof that offer some shade to your patio or deck. These create a definite space in your garden for a dining or entertainment area.


The main difference between gazebos and pergolas is that the first structure features a closed roof, which traditional pergolas do not have. Gazebos also have a rounded shape and are standalone structures which are usually used as garden centrepieces. Better Homes & Gardens also mentions that gazebos are ideal to offer poolside shade and weather protection.

Modern outdoor structures.

Retractable glass roofs.

Whether you want to have a structure to safeguard your pool but still want to enjoy the warm weather or want to extend your living space to bring the outdoors in, retractable glass roofs will be the right choice. An example of these structures is the retractable glass SolaGlide skylights by Designer Shade Solutions.

Retractable louvred pergolas.

Modern structures are the perfect alternatives to their traditional counterparts. For instance, there are pergolas for sale which feature retractable tilting roofs to ensure people can enjoy their garden space all-year-round. If it’s raining the retractable roof be closed for protection against the weather, and if it’s sunny, the roof can be easily opened to fully enjoy the sun.

What are your favourite outdoor structures?

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