Friday, 24 April 2020

Amtico flooring adhesives for easy maintenance

Installing luxury vinyl flooring comes with many requirements. One you cannot afford to avoid is which adhesive will be used. Despite the common assumption that any flooring adhesive may do, Amtico flooring adhesive has specific blends of adhesive available so you can choose which one is best for your vinyl flooring. Let us explore them in more depth.

Amtico International Universal 2-Part Adhesive

This adhesive is a required to bond flooring in water orientated areas of the home. Showers, bathrooms, and areas around the sink can all benefit from this solvent-free EC1 classified adhesive. High temperature area’s will also be saved from potential warping by using this adhesive.

Amtico International HT Adhesive

With high resistance to temperature, the adhesive is recommended for areas of the home such which are subject to temperature change. Alternatively, if you have underfloor heating or a conservatory, this single-part, water-based adhesive will work best.

Amtico International SF Adhesive

Another water-based acrylic adhesive which is super quick with just a one-hour working time and can be used in the same areas as any of it’s PS alternatives.

Amtico flooring adhesives: International PS

As referred to above, this PS adhesive works in 3 hours but has built-in benefits such as low emissions (EC1) and being water-based. This adhesive is beneficial for areas which are not located near water or heat.

Using adhesives

Ensure you follow the directions on the adhesive’s packaging efficiently. Using a trowel with a notch size of 1.5x5m, spread the adhesive evenly. Avoid using trowels which are worn as rusted metal can get lodged into the adhesive and it will not work effectively.
For use of adhesive on tile, use a 45kg roller immediately after laying and prior to the adhesive setting completely. The timeline of this process will depend on the scale of the areas you are applying the adhesive to.
Ensure all excess adhesive is wiped clean away before it can solidify. If the adhesive has dried before you get chance to remove it, you can scrape it from the tile later.

Choosing Amtico flooring

It should now be apparent which adhesive option is best for your flooring. To further make your flooring work a success, pick a flooring which looks great for a lifetime. Amtico have a beautiful range of wood or tile flooring; Spacia, Click Smart or even Abstract are the best options for perfect style and form. Luvanto is also adhesive friendly with even more designs choice which is obtainable through the selection of Click and herringbone tiles, Parquet planks, not forgetting Design range. Make the most of your flooring with luxury vinyl flooring an

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