Monday, 27 April 2020

Improving Your Home the DIY Way

When it comes to improving your home, there are more than a dozen ways to tackle it. But, undertaking this type of project is far from easy.

Most people will tackle a “do it yourself’’ home improvement project with a grand plan to change up everything, but what makes the most difference in how your home feels, actually requires the least amount of work.

So, without further ado, let’s go over a couple of ways to improve the interior and exterior of your home without breaking the bank.

Consider upgrading the outside of your property.

One of the best places you can invest to spice up is the front and back yards of your home. Increasing the curb appeal of your home always leads to increasing the overall value ofyour property, so it’s money well spent.

Consider installing outdoor water fountains, maybe taking the extra step and properly caring for the soil in order to get a lush green yard, or, if you’re handy enough why not build a nice patio with a barbecue on it?

The best thing is that you can get truly creative with the ways you improve the outside of your home. Having very little restrictions means that you can go wild, and even though most outdoor improvements aren’t really that cheap and quick, they’re all worth the investment.

Give new life to your old furniture.

Most of the time the interior of your home will feel outdated because of the old furniture that you have in there. But, while buying and upgrading every room in your home with new furniture can be super expensive, there’s a way to upgrade your interior for free. And we’re talking about reupholstering over here. The thing is, all that outdated furniture you have at home is most likely having a comeback. The things in the furniture store just look new.

So, go to an interior designer. They will have connections with the people who can help you with making your old furniture look new, and most importantly they can help you with deciding on colors and materials that will look good in your home.

Put a fresh coat of paint.

By far the easiest way to make the interior of your home look new is to repaint the walls in your home. It’s cheap, quick, and super easy to do, as there are probably more than a thousand tutorials about it.

Clean up any old rugs that you have in there.

While a lived-in rug can definitely make your home look cozier, but if the rugs in your place are dirty and overall have dust deeply embedded in them, they’ll make everything look worse than it actually is. One option is to hire a carpet cleaner in there, and another one is to take the carpet out yourself and give it a good wash.

And while you’re at it, clean up everything.

Anything looks ten times better when it’s all clean and shiny. So, before you think of doing any upgrades to your home, make sure you clean up everything properly, assess, and then decide what’s worth investing in.

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