Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Keeping Kids Entertained For Free With Royal Mint Kids Hub

Is anyone else finding themselves fast running out of ideas and inspiration for keeping the kiddos entertained during this lockdown?! Surely it can't just be me?!

I like to think that I'm usually pretty resourceful when it comes to keeping my children busy. We home educate full time  so I'm always the one to have to keep them occupied and entertained most of the time anyway - nothing new there. However, the removal of their regular social clubs and playdates has certainly made this more of a challenge than usual!

I honestly feel as though we're getting to the point now where we've done all of the worksheets on our usual websites, watched all of the educational things, seen all the movies and read all the books. Of course I know that can't really be true but you know when everything starts to feel as though you've done it all too many times before?! Well...after six weeks of lockdown (we started early!), that's where we're at!

So I love to hear about companies who are offering new and FREE resources to help keep children entertained - which is why I was delighted when The Royal Mint informed me about their online Kids Hub.

I have to admit, Royal Mint wouldn't have been a website that immediately sprung to my mind when thinking of places to find resources for the kids but I'm so glad that I took a look as there is so much available!

From fun interactive online games to educational printables, there is so much here to help us parents out in our time of need.

My youngest two really love being allowed to play games on my phone or tablet, but given their young ages - they're not really up to playing the proper video games that my older son plays. So since discovering the Peter Rabbit game on the Royal Mint Kids Hub, they've been in their element! It's super easy to control and understand, and it keeps them entertained for long enough for me to drink my tea while it's still hot - ideal!

My eldest has really enjoyed some of the printable worksheets and packs too - there are print outs relating to coin maths, literacy and even science experiments and activities that you can do with coins too. All of the educational packs are filled with interesting facts, some that surprised even me!

And if worksheets and games aren't your thing, they also have some lovely downloadable colouring sheets too featuring character favourites like Paddington Bear.

You can even design your own 50p coin or build a rocket with Wallace & Grommet. There's something for every one - it's such a handy resource for passing the time in a fun and interesting way.

The Kids Hub is updated and added to every week, and really is well worth a look if you need to your little cherubs occupied over the coming weeks.

To take a look, just head to https://www.royalmint.com/kids

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  1. With three kids at home, I'm constantly looking for ways to entertain them. I love a free option too!


  2. As a child I have always loved these things and I don't know maybe it's serious but I still love them so having no children I think them for me! hihihih

  3. Awesome. I love that this would be at no cost for parents. A bored child is not going to be easy to handle, so we have to find ways to keep them entertained, keep them curious and continue learning.

  4. Kudos to Royal Mint Kids Hub for their effort. This is not only applicable for homeschooling parents but for all interested in keeping their little ones busy and entertained amid the pandemic and stay at home policy.

  5. Super love the idea of Royal Mint Kids Hub, it is great and it is free!!! I already forwarded your post to a friend of mine who has two kids.

  6. A very cute way to keep kids busy these days. It's so difficult right now. St say safe and be well.

  7. This is really cool. I like that there are so many things that the kiddies can do from maths to colouring! This is a stressful time with everyone being home and having to find things for the little ones to do without losing your mind lol. Luv this

  8. These look like fun ideas for kids! How great to find free resources like this for the kids to enjoy. It is definitely a challenge to keep everyone busy.

  9. I believe that children at home during quarantine is not an easy matter and Royal Mint Kids Hub sounds like a great time filler.

  10. They look like they have so many things there for the kids to do. I know my daughter would have loved this when she was younger. It looks great.

  11. Atleast the kids ave a good place to be entertained during this quarantine.


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