Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Moving to Florida: 5 Reasons to Make the Move

Mild Floridian winters have been a draw for millions of snowbirds trying to escape the frigid north for decades, but there is more to the Sunshine State than nearly year-round shorts weather.
Moving to Florida as a permanent rather than seasonal resident has its perks as well; no income tax, great beaches, and an exciting statewide sporting calendar are only some of the benefits that Florida residents bask in.

That Stunning Weather

Florida routinely sees a drop in temperature around mid- January or February that lasts a week or two, and then an elastic reversal that drives temperatures back up to sultry by March. Outside of this cold snap, Floridians are able to take full advantage of the porch weather that persists across seasons.
However, whether you inland or along the coast, finding a reliable AC repair in Orlando or wherever you plan to call home is essential. Florida sees an average temperature around 70 degrees throughout the year, so maintenance of your air conditioning unit is essential.
An outage of even a day or two can make for an unbearably hot home. This is particularly prevalent in central Florida and the Orlando area where the sea breeze cannot blow the hot air back out over the water to cool off.

The Vacation Capital

Florida is surrounded by water: the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the Atlantic on the east. But Florida is also home to an array of theme parks throughout the central stretch from Tampa to Orlando (in particular). Disney World—in the form of Magic and Animal Kingdoms, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios—forms the backbone of Orlando family holiday planning, but the city also sports Universal’s theme parks, Sea World, and a series of water parks to enjoy as well.

Year-Round Sports

Baseball, Football, Hockey, and Basketball all play integral roles in the lives of Florida residents. There are nine high-draw professional teams in the state along with a smattering of smaller market and minor league teams. As well, more than a dozen Major League Baseball teams heading to the state for Spring Training in March.
With a calendar packed this full, Floridians are able to take in the sights and sounds of the stadium throughout the year, leaving fans never lacking in excitement. Similarly, Florida is littered with stars from Hollywood and the sporting world; there are dozens of celebrity home tours available to the curious.
Using a people search, with a simple first name or last name search you might even discover that your neighbor is one! You very well might find an interesting cast of characters on your black with a series of background checks with just some basic information about those living around you.

Financially Friendly

Florida sports no added income tax for its residents, unlike states in the north such as New York’s famously high additional rates.
Similarly, the housing market is “very hot” in the state, meaning the ability to secure your home as an investment as well as a homely space for you and your family gives buyers an additional sense of ease when settling into Florida life. Although, it cannot be stressed enough the need to continually perform preventative maintenance on your home’s assets.
Pipes, windows, and air conditioning repair in Tampa can be performed affordably and easily, but the installation of a new system will run you more in cash and time. HVAC services can be found all around, so shop around for a good price and the best contractor.

Rural Charm Just a Drive Away

Finally, Florida's life often offers the best of a hybrid city-country existence. Just an hour away from the Tampa-St. Petersburg metropolis and across the state you will find U-Pick farms by the hundreds. Blueberries, strawberries, and a host of other fruits and vegetables as well as fairs, the Steeplechase in Dade City, and dozens of other events are held year-round.
Getting out of the city and enjoying a slow afternoon is just down the road from home.
Florida offers so much more than a great experience or holiday destination, it’s a great place to raise a family or settle down as a single professional seeking nightlife and excitement to go along with a full work schedule. Florida has it all, and so can you.

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